Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 70

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 70 – “She’s got to pay the price for bullying Mommy.

”Archie snorted coolly, Benny nodded vehemently and started typing on the keyboard again. Archie was confused. “What are you doing?”

Feeling excited, Benny explained, “Their technical team is too weak. My virus is so simple, yet they can’t crack it till now. In that case, I’ll increase the
difficulty and make that evil woman angrier.”

Hearing that, Archie nodded to express his agreement. “It’s best if they can’t crack it. That way, more people will laugh at her. Let’s see if she still dares to
bully Mommy in the future.”

With that, the boys poured their attention to the laptop. Suddenly, a series of footsteps could be heard near the door.
Archie, who had sharp senses, heard the sounds outside and gave Benny a nudge.

Benny quickly finished coding and shoved the laptop to Archie.

When Roxanne entered the room, she saw Archie hugging the laptop and Benny sprawling on the bed, looking at the screen curiously.

“Aren’t you two feeling unwell? Why are you using the laptop instead of resting?” Roxanne frowned as she sat beside the boys. “Come here. Let me
take a look at you again.”

Archie’s and Benny’s hearts tightened when they heard those words.

Mommy’s got incredible skills. If she examines us, we’ll definitely be exposed. Then, everything we did in secret will be exposed, too.

Roxanne reached out to hold Benny’s hand, but he avoided it.

“What’s wrong?” Roxanne gazed at him, perplexed.
Benny grabbed his wrist warily. Not knowing how to react, he turned to Archie for help.

Archie, on the other hand, was much calmer. He extended his hand toward Roxanne and said, “Actually, I feel much better after having the medicine. But
you can still check on us again if you’re worried.”

Roxanne’s attention was successfully captured by him, and she proceeded to examine him. After confirming there was nothing wrong with Archie’s body,
she turned to look at Benny.

She remembered that Benny’s symptoms were more severe just now.

Having witnessed Archie’s method. Benny came to his senses and scuttled toward Roxanne with a grin. “Mommy, I’m feeling much better, too! The
medicine you gave us is really incredible! You’re the best doctor in the world.

Archie and I really admire you. We love you the most!”

Amused, Roxanne shook her head. After examining them and seeing that the boys were fine, she let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, she felt that
something was amiss.

“But I’m still not feeling well,” Benny said seriously.

Roxanne’s heart lurched when she heard that, and she studied him concernedly.
To her surprise, she heard the boy saying sweetly, “I need your hug to feel better.”

Right after he said that, a soft, chubby body pounced on her.

Roxanne brought him into her embrace with a smile, and the cloud of doubt above her head dissipated. As she hugged Benny, she glanced at the laptop
screen. “Archie, what are you doing there?”

When she was occupied with Benny, Archie had seized the opportunity to change the browser page. Looking as if nothing had happened earlier, Archie
met Roxanne’s gaze. “I’m studying the trend of today’s stocks. I invested in some foreign companies and earned some money.”

“Archie earned over fifty million!” Benny looked prouder than Archie himself. When Roxanne heard the amount, she could not help but feel astounded.
“That much? Archie, you’re incredible!”

Benny asked playfully, “What about me? What about me?”

Roxanne smiled. “Your computer skills are great, too. Both of you are incredible. I love you two so much!”

Then she planted a kiss on their foreheads. The boys grinned innocently.

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