Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 66

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 66 – When Aubree heard Frieda’s answer, a mixture of emotions brewed in her eyes.

Having been turned down by Lucian previously and suddenly learning that Roxanne had returned to the country, she didn’t dare wait anymore.
In the past few days, she had been doing everything possible to have an identity linking her to the man.

Early that morning, she had purposely asked Elias and Sonya to persuade Lucian. She had thought he would listen to his parents and change his mind,
yet again she had hit a brick wall and even had to put up with Estella for the entire day.

With the couple there, she didn’t dare throw a tantrum either. Enraged at the end of the day, she had asked Frieda out to shop in a bid to dissipate her anger.

However, never had she expected to hear such news.

Countless renowned doctors were helpless in the face of Old Mr. Queen’s condition, yet Roxanne managed to cure him. That aside, Jonathan even
signed a contract with her, promising to supply medicinal herbs to the research institute at half the price! In that case, haven’t my efforts of urging the medicinal herbs suppliers in Horington to boycott her research institute been in vain?

At that line of thought, Aubree’s gaze turned chilly. “Didn’t I arrange for a medical team to treat Old Mr. Queen? Were they not effective? Why was
she allowed to take over his treatment?”

While saying that, she glanced at the woman who was meters away from her with fury blazing within her.

I’ve gone to such lengths, but she still managed to find a medicinal herb supplier in Horington! She must have laughed at me behind my back!
Frieda was startled for a moment before she hesitantly replied, “It’s not that.

The medical team you arranged was unquestionably effective, but she came knocking on our door and convinced my brother. Besides,
Grandpa’s condition has indeed improved following her treatment. For that reason, my brother has decided that she’d be in charge henceforth.”

With things having come to this, nothing I say will be of use.

Aubree snorted inwardly, but her expression remained as courteous as ever. She said to Roxanne, “I didn’t know that you even have such
capabilities, Ms. Jarvis, that even a professional medical team can’t compare to you alone.”

Swiping a finger across the screen of her phone, Roxanne retorted indifferently, “There are many more things you don’t know. Why, are you
still planning to sabotage me further after learning that I signed a contract with the Queen family?”

Aubree’s gaze abruptly darkened. Despite that, she sounded very much innocent when she said, “What did you mean by that? I’m thankful that
you cured Old Mr. Queen, so how could I possibly sabotage you?”

Not in the mood to play along with her, Roxanne answered directly, “I’m sure you know full well what I meant by that. Also, I don’t care if you still want
to sabotage me further.”

Aubree’s face darkened frightfully. She didn’t reply immediately. Beside her, Frieda cautiously interjected upon seeing the two of them at
each other’s throats. “Aubree, are you both… acquainted?”

At that, Aubrce sneered and no longer masked her hostility toward Roxanne. “Not only are we acquainted, but you can also say that fate binds us together tightly.”

After saying that, she turned to Roxanne and drawled provocatively, “Don’t you agree, Ms. Jarvis?”
Roxanne had just finished paying when she heard that.

Lifting her eyes, she swept her gaze over the two women in front of her. “I’m afraid I don’t
dare agree with that, Ms. Pearson. I’m not really that close with you, so please don’t make such a statement again in the future. It troubles me a lot.”

Aubree’s expression stiffened, and rage blazed in her eyes. “It’s getting late. Hurry up and go into the restaurant. I’ll leave you both to enjoy your meal.”

Roxanne then inclined her head at them impassionately and walked past them with Archie and Benny, leaving the restaurant without a backward

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