Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 64

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 64 – Elise didn’t pursue the matter further. Since Estella wanted to learn those
two words, he decided to teach her.

They both had the housekeeper bring a pencil and paper, then started practicing writing at the dining table in the dining room,
Seeing that his father was taking care of Estella, Lucian excused himself and went upstairs to his study.

Meanwhile, Aubree was seething.
She could tell that Estella was evidently trying to keep her distance from her. The latter had been turning her down in front of the Farwells.

If this continues, Mr. and Mrs. Farwell will definitely notice something amiss! No, I’ve got to find an opportunity and teach that brat a lesson so
that she’ll behave!

Because of Estella’s sudden visit, it was almost ten o’clock when Roxanne arrived at the research institute with Archie and Benny.

After settling them in her office, she started working without delay.
The data Colby proposed hadn’t been processed, so he sought her out right away upon learning that she had arrived.

The two of them proceeded to devote themselves wholly to work.
It wasn’t until it was time to get off work in the evening that they came to a conclusion at long last.

Stretching, Roxanne caught sight of her two sons who were studying something or other on their laptops. “Archie, Benny, we can go home now,” she called out gently.

Hearing that, Archie and Benny lifted their eyes from behind the laptops and nodded docilely. They put the laptops down and got up from the couch.

Colby glanced at the time before suggesting with a smile, “It’s just dinner time now. You’ve done me a great favor today, so how about me treating
you and the kids to a meal?”

Roxanne was stunned for a moment. She turned to her sons to seek their opinions.

Archie and Benny exchanged a look, understanding dawning upon both of them.

Well, it’s clear as day that Mr. Galloway wants to pursue Mommy.

Having observed the man for a day, they felt that Colby was indeed very much outstanding. In terms of career, at the very least, he had common
topics with Roxanne. On top of that, his looks were also passable.

For some inexplicable reason, however, only their father’s countenance flashed across their minds whenever they imagined a man with their mother.

How strange. We’ve never seen Mommy and Daddy standing side by side, but we instinctively feel that Daddy is the only one who’s worthy of
standing by Mommy’s side. Therefore, it’s best that we keep a distance from Mr. Galloway!

“Thank you, Mr. Galloway, but my mommy already has a date tonight. So, it’s okay,” Archie declined politely.

Colby looked at Roxanne in mystification.

Throughout the day, he hadn’t heard her mentioning about a date that night.

Roxanne swept a gaze over Archie and Benny. While she couldn’t fathom why they lied, she still went along with them. “I have a dinner date with
my best friend tonight. I’ll take a rain check.”

At that, Colby flashed her a warm smile. “I’m all muddled from work that I forgot to ask whether you have plans later. In that case, I’ll head off first.”
After saying that, he bid Archie and Benny farewell before spinning on his heel and leaving.

When they left the research institute, Roxanne eyed Archie and Benny questioningly with her brows slightly furrowed. “Why did you lie earlier?
Do you not like Mr. Galloway?”

In response, Archie and Benny shook their heads solemnly. “We were helping you turn a suitor down.”

Roxanne was torn between exasperation and amusement at the sight of their earnest expressions. “Regardless of the reason, you can’t simply lie
in the future.”

The two boys nodded obediently.

Benny leaned close to her with a grin. “We feel that Mr. Galloway is indeed pretty good, but you can still choose for a bit, Mommy. There’s no
need to rush. Archie and I aren’t in a hurry to have a daddy anyway.”

Roxanne inexorably burst into giggles. “Choose? Do you think it’s the same as choosing groceries at the supermarket?”

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