Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 56

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 56 – Lucian gathered his thoughts and followed Archie into the mansion.

As soon as he entered, he spotted Estella sitting on the carpet with her full attention on the Lego bricks before her. There was also a little boy
next to her who looked just like the one who had opened the door for him.

Twins, huh? With a darkened gaze, Lucian looked away from the boys and scanned the rest of the living room instead.
Roxanne was nowhere to be found.

Vas “Your daddy’s here,” Archie called out to Estella coldly after walking back in, his once-friendly demeanor having vanished completely.
Upon hearing that, Estella stopped whatever she was doing and glanced up at Lucian who stood not far from her.

But right after seeing him, she retracted her gaze and began to write something in her notebook. Lucian and the boys stared at her.
Both Archie and Benny were reluctant to see her leave, but now that her father had arrived, there was no reason for them to let her stay.

Lucian’s browed knitted. He knew what the little girl was about to tell him. Soon, Estella raised her notebook. I don’t want to go home yet. As he had expected.
The crease between Lucian’s brows deepened as his voice soon became laced with displeasure.

“Estella Farwell, you left home without a word. Don’t you think you ought to give me an explanation? This is the second time you’ve run away from home this month. Why on earth did you do it?” Estella met his eyes stubbornly before looking down to scribble on her notebook again:

I like Ms. Jarvis. I like Archie and Benny. I want to be friends with them! A look of mockery flashed in Lucian’s eyes as he read that. “You like
them, but have you ever asked them if they like you? You came running to their house like this and disrupted their lives.

Don’t you know how rude that is?” he asked sternly. Estella pursed her lips and turned to the two boys carefully.
She knew she would bother them by coming over early in the morning.

But she couldn’t help it. She liked them so much, yet her father wouldn’t let her play with them.
We’ve even already exchanged gifts, and they also invited me to play with them. Doesn’t that mean they like me too?

Benny’s heart wavered as he saw the pleading look in Estella’s eyes. “She’s not bothering us,” he chimed in, putting down his Lego. “In fact, we
were just playing Lego together until you showed up. It was a lot of fun!” Estella smiled upon hearing the way Benny stood up for her.

Then, she turned back to her father furiously. Lucian appeared conflicted at the boy’s response. However, Archie quickly leaned over and gave his brother a nudge. Benny turned to the other boy in a daze, but he immediately came to a realization upon meeting the latter’s warning glance.

Right! We can’t show this guy how much we like Essie! Remembering that, Benny hastily shut his mouth, using only his eyes to
express his discontent. Lucian took notice of everything the boys had just done.

Still, he didn’t know what they were thinking. Assuming he had frightened them, he fell silent for a moment before softening his expression.
They might be another guy’s kids, but they’re still young. Lucian knew he shouldn’t take his annoyance out on the children.

“In any case, the fact that Essie showed up at your door early in the morning must’ve caused you some trouble. Thank you for playing with
her,” he tried his best to state calmly. The boys nodded icily in response.

Then, the living room fell into silence. “Where’s your mommy?” Lucian asked in frustration a while later, rubbing his temples.
Despite having a daughter, he wasn’t particularly good at interacting with children.

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