Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 510

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 510 – It wasn’t until she heard Benny’s voice that Roxanne regained her senses and recalled that they were rehearsing.

As for Lucian’s actions, it was needed by the script. Realizing that fact, the apologetic Roxanne smiled at the children. “I’m sorry for spacing out.

Please continue.” After exchanging curious glances, the children obediently agreed.

Meanwhile, Lucian, who was looking at Roxanne, had an epiphany that brought a grim expression to his face.

Feeling guilty to the extent of not daring to look in his direction, Roxanne naturally didn’t notice the change in him.

As the rehearsal continued, they had to change their roles. Roxanne, playing the princess after she was all grown up, did so with much aplomb.

It wasn’t until the prince appeared while she was asleep that her frustrations began to build.

Taking on the role of the prince, Lucian would either be too aloof or not angry enough when he faced Estella.

Naturally, his performance caused Roxanne to worry. “Mr. Farwell, you’ll scare the children this way.”

“Mr. Farwell, you’re facing a witch, not Essie. You have to look more fierce. ”Lucian was speechless.

After a few rounds, the tired Estella gave her father a wry look, her face filled with annoyance.

Under his daughter’s glare, Lucian couldn’t resist feeling helpless about it.

Despite his desire to act well, he was hampered by his inherently calm temperament, making it difficult for him to express the right emotion.

Without saying a word, both father and daughter stood still and glared at each other. Watching the scene, Roxanne couldn’t help but feel amused.

Despite knowing Lucian for very long, this was the first time she saw him being bad at something When she saw Estella on the brink of tears,

Roxanne stroked her head with asmile. “Essie, why don’t you take a break? I’ll take over your role in the scene with your daddy.”

After nodding with a pitiful expression, Estella headed to where the brothers were, her head hanging low.

Roxanne subsequently took her place opposite Lucian. When she saw the expression on Lucian’s face, Roxanne, too, was exasperated.

“Mr. Farwell, you’re here to rescue someone, not kill them, so don’t look so cold.”

Furrowing his brows, Lucian took her advice and tried to adjust his expression accordingly. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried,

it just wouldn’t come out right. Sighing softly, Roxanne reached out to press the corner of his lips. “Relax. Don’t be so tense.”

No sooner had she spoken than both of them froze. Roxanne, with an awkward expression, retracted her hand and returned to her spot.

As for Lucian, he maintained the smile that Roxanne had drawn on his lips. Despite that, his brows were knitted, making for a really weird sight.

When the three children saw Lucian and Roxanne’s reactions, all of them were equally confounded.

After a moment of deathly silence, Roxanne was the first to regain her composure. Checking the time as if nothing had happened,

she smiled at the children. “It’s getting late. Since you have school tomorrow, that will be all for today.”

Given how much intimacy had occurred between them during the entire period, Roxanne was too embarrassed to face Lucian anymore.

Fortunately, the children were cooperative and readily agreed with what she said.

When she didn’t hear Lucian’s answer after a while, Roxanne, steeling herself, looked up at him, “Mr. Farwell, let’s continue next time.”

Noticing the panic on her face and recalling the sensation of her touch, Lucian nodded as an unknown emotion flickered through his eyes.

“All right.” Just as he spoke, he went to Estella’s side to hold her hand, Nonetheless, Estella gave Roxanne a reluctant look. “

Ms. Jarvis, are we going to continue tomorrow?” Estella wanted to see her every day.

In the end, Roxanne answered in a vague manner that indicated her agreement

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