Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 49

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 49 – After Roxanne’s anger receded, she realized how funny the situation was.
Indeed, I don’t have any rights. In his eyes, I never had any.

She dropped her gaze to the floor, concealing the self-deprecation in them. Without saying anything. she forced herself to remove Estella’s grip
from her sleeve. Estella’s little fingers wanted to reach for her again, but Roxanne grabbed it mid-air.

“Archie and Benny are still waiting for me in the car. I have to go to them. Be a good girl and go with your dad.” Roxanne ruffled Estella’s head gently and released the latter’s hand.

With a hurried farewell to the teacher, Roxanne turned on her heels and rushed out the front door without another glance back.
Back in the car, Archie and Benny were sitting upright.

When they saw Roxanne getting in the car, they asked innocently, “Mommy, what’s wrong?” Roxanne sucked in a deep breath before plastering a forced smile. “Nothing. Let’s go home.” She started up the car and pulled away from the kindergarten.

Meanwhile, Lucian was still rooted in place. Shooting a sharp gaze at the teacher, he asked, “Are her sons attending here too?”
The teacher didn’t know what went on between the two parents but could sense the tension coming off of Lucian.

Feeling the pressure, the teacher answered hesitantly, “Yeah. Ms. Jarvis’ twins attend our kindergarten-” Before the teacher could finish, he interrupted coldly, “When did they start?” “Just… a few days ago,” the teacher replied carefully.

“Inform the head of the kindergarten to remove the boys from the list. If you don’t do as I ask, Farwell Group won’t be investing in this kindergarten anymore.”

Lucian’s expression turned hostile. Not allowing the teacher the time to digest his words, he carried Estella into his arms and strode to the front door.
Upon arriving at the parking lot, Lucian noticed the car parked beside his was already gone.

Withdrawing his gaze, he carried Estella into the car without a pause in his step. The minute he got into the car, Estella struggled violently in his arms. Lucian loosened his grip on her, letting her crawl to the other side of the seat.

stella took out her notebook angrily and scribbled something on it with force. A while later, her hand stopped. Estella was furious this time as she turned her notebook around and sat there glaring at Lucian instead of crawling over to him to yank on his sleeve for his attention.

Lucian sighed silently and turned his head over to peer at Estella with a frown. The entire length of the paper only had one sentence scribbled across it:
Why are you not letting Archie and Benny come to kindergarten?

Seeing Lucian finally turn his attention to her, Estella angrily shoved the notebook closer to his face. The crease between Lucian’s brows deepened at her actions. He withdrew his gaze and said, “No particular reason. I did it because I could and wanted to.

That’s the answer I can give if you insist on one.” Upon finishing his sentence, he heard movement coming from the seat beside him.
He turned and saw Estella angrily throw her notebook to the side and clung to the door. She even leaned her head out of the window.

Despite not saying anything, her whole body was exuding an “I-don’t-want-to-lookat-you” vibe. Lucian arched his brow at her body language.
“You getting mad isn’t going to change my mind.” Estella furiously snapped her head to him and shot him a death glare.

Daddy is the worst! I hate Daddy the most! I like the beautiful Ms. Jarvis and Archie and Benny. Why did Daddy have to fight with her and even
forbade Archie and Benny to attend kindergarten?

Estella was crestfallen at the thought of never being able to see Archie and Benny at the kindergarten anymore.
Daddy is too unreasonable! I don’t want to like him anymore!

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