Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 47

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 47 – “I remember that you came back from overseas together with Archie and
Benny. Considering that they grew up overseas, I’m surprised at how well they speak Chanaean.”

Since the chat was just an excuse, the teacher talked about trivial matters, as Archie and Benny’s performances in class were so impressive
that there was nothing to complain about. Roxanne nodded with a smile.

“That’s because there were still many Chanaeans around to converse with them.” Meanwhile, the boys didn’t say a word and merely smiled obediently. They would simply nod at whatever their mother said. Seeing how well-behaved they were, the teacher couldn’t help but gush in admiration. “

Other than Chanaean and Ustranasion, they seem to be able to speak Ferropenian too, don’t they?” “Mmm-hmm, they probably picked it up from my colleagues overseas.” Roxanne caressed the boys’ hair.

Impressed, the teacher exclaimed, “I must say, they are exceptionally smart to not only have mastered three languages at such a young age but
also the elementary school curriculum too. Coupled with their exquisite features, you really do have exceptional children!”

Roxanne beamed with pride at the praise. “You flatter us. They’re just ordinary children who enjoy learning.” While they were chatting, Roxanne continued to be vigilant about whether someone was coming to pick Estella up. Upon checking the time, she realized that a long while had passed.

Filled with sudden concern, she asked, “By the way, when will the girl’s parents arrive?” The teacher looked at her watch and answered, “Probably soon.” After nodding in response, Roxanne lowered her gaze at Estella.

The latter was still standing beside her while maintaining her grip on Roxanne’s sleeve as ifshe’. was fearful of Roxanne leaving. Resigning herself to the fact that she couldn’t leave, Roxanne turned to the boys. “Can you boys go to the car first and wait for me there?”

Nodding obediently, both of them walked to the kindergarten’s entrance. Once she saw them get into the car, Roxanne recovered her gaze.
It was prudent to keep the boys out of the way since she couldn’t avoid meeting those two.

At the kindergarten entrance, Archie and Benny got into the car one after another before looking
out the window. “Why do you think Mommy asked us to come out here?” Benny wondered while holding his chin.

Archie put their schoolbags away before joining his brother at the window. “Because Daddy is about to arrive.”
For some strange reason, Mommy doesn’t want us to meet Daddy.

However, she isn’t aware that we have discovered Daddy’s true identity and even know what he looks like.
As the boys continued to stare outside, a Rolls-Royce dramatically pulled up by the street.

A towering man in a long-sleeved shirt and pants alighted from it. Ever since the car appeared, Benny monitored it closely. When the man
came out of the car, he locked his gaze on the man and gave Archie a nudge. “Archie, look. Can that be Daddy?”

After turning his head to glance at the man, Archie nodded with conviction. Without a doubt, that’s the man I saw on the internet! W Upon receiving Archie’s confirmation, Benny couldn’t help but praise aloud, “Daddy looks a lot more dashing in real life compared to the picture.”

Just as he spoke, Archie shot him a glare. “Didn’t I tell you that you’re not allowed to like him?”
With a sullen expression, Archie glared at the man outside as if he was their mortal enemy.

This is the man who abandoned Mommy and us! man who After being admonished by his brother, Benny zipped his mouth

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