Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 44

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 44 – After some idle chatter, Madilyn took her leave as it was already late.
In the meantime, the boys followed Roxanne around. After tidying up the room for a bit, she finally had time for them.

“Did you enjoy yourselves at kindergarten today? Did you get into fights with your friends?” After recalling the events of the day, the boys responded with a
forceful nod. “We had a good time. When school was over, they even gave us a lot of snacks!”

Roxanne couldn’t help but smile. “It seems both of you are really popular.” Benny nodded earnestly before glancing in Archie’s direction.
“In fact, there’s a girl today who declared that she wants to marry Archie when she grows up!”“Really?” Roxanne gave her son an amused look.

Briefly stunned, Archie threw his brother a glance before blushing all the way to his ears. “Yes, but I didn’t agree to it.” Pinching his ear, Benny made a face at Archie. When she saw how the boys were fooling around, Roxanne beamed with satisfaction.

Even though it was already late, the boys clung to her and related to her everything that happened in kindergarten.
Most of the time, Benny would have a whole lot to say while Archie would summarize his words.

As for Roxanne, she would listen intently and let out the occasional laugh when she saw how cute they were. When she finally checked the time, it was almost ten. “Time for bed. You still have school tomorrow,”

she coaxed the children, putting on a serious expression Complying obediently, both of them went upstairs to sleep. The next morning, Roxanne dropped them off at the kindergarten before heading to the research institute Once the morning meeting was over, she came out of the conference room together with Colby.

“How did it go yesterday? Did you manage to treat Old Mr. Queen’s sickness?” Colby inquired. Roxanne nodded slightly. Although his condition appears to be serious and complex treatment is needed, it’s still possible to cure him but it will take quite a bit of time.

As I’ll be going over often the next few days, you’ll have to hold the fort around here for the time being.” Filled with admiration, Colby teased, “I’m amazed you’re able to treat a sickness that has baffled all the famous doctors sought out by the Queen family.

Dr. Jarvis, your words make us feel ashamed of ourselves!” Even though he was joking, there was truth to his words. After all, he was
one of the doctors who was also stumped by Alfred’s condition. Roxanne downplayed the matter with a smile.

“It just happens to fall into my area of specialty.” When he saw the nonchalant look on her face, Colby’s heart throbbed. “By the way, even though Old Mr. Queen hasn’t fully recovered, the Queen family has agreed to supply us with the medicine, and we’ll likely be able to sign the contract today.

In fact, the first batch is provided free of charge. This not only solves our urgent shortage, but we will also not have to worry about supply anymore.”
Roxanne’s face lit up at the thought of having secured the supply of medicine.

Colby cocked his brow in surprise. “Really? The Queen family are actually willing to sign a contract with us even though Old Mr. Queen has just
regained consciousness?” Roxanne nodded with a grin.

Upon her confirmation, Colby praised, “It’s clear that they have been blown away by your medical skills. You truly are amazing.”
Roxanne chuckled casually. “I’m just doing what I can.

Hopefully, there will not be any untoward developments when it comes to Old Mr. Queen’s condition.”
“With you running the show, I’m sure everything will be fine,” Colby answered with conviction.

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