Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 426

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 426 – When Roxanne saw that Archie was standing very close to Lucian, she quickly called out to him, “Let‘s head in, Archie.”

The little boy nodded obediently and withdrew his gaze from Lucian. Then he followed Roxanne into the house.

Madilyn held her bestie carefully. “Is it true that you felt nauseous? I don‘t remember you having motion sickness in the past.”

The two ladies had known each other for years. However, it was the very first time that Madilyn had heard Roxanne speak about her motion sickness, and
a severe one, too.

Roxanne was afraid that her condition would frighten her children. Thus, she nodded lightly at them and added, “I was already unwell earlier today.”

With that, Madilyn dropped the topic and assisted her into the mansion.

Lucian stood at the gate, the emotions in his eyes unfathomable “Ms. Jarvis, Mr. Farwell is still outside.” Lysa was cooking dinner when Roxan
ne walked in.

She noticed how feeble Roxanne was and dashed over to check on her. At one glance, she could see that Lucian was still standing on
their front porch.

Roxanne frowned and simply gave her a laconic reply. “Shut the door, please.”

She had no intention of getting entangled with that man.

Lysa was clueless about their affairs. She had always thought that the couple was on good terms because Lucian seemed to be very caring toward Roxanne.

At one point, she even had the impression that they would be together.

Since Roxanne was obviously giving Lucian the cold shoulder, Lysa assumed that the two had a falling out over some issues.

She felt bad when she glanced at Lucian before closing the gate.

With the doors closing in front of him, Lucian retracted his gaze and returned to the car. Subsequently, he instructed Cayden to send him back to the Farwell residence.

Essie should be home now at this hour.

Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Lysa helped Madilyn to walk Roxanne back to the bedroom. Archie and Benny served her a glass of hot water sweetly and nestled closely around her bed, staring at her intently.

Roxanne flashed the children a comforting smile. “I‘m all right. I just need to get some rest, and I‘ll recover in no time. You two go out and play, okay?”

The two of them exchanged a glance, both feeling perturbed.

Madilyn chimed in, “Go ahead and leave her to me.”

Then she signaled Lysa to usher the kids outside.

Archie and Benny had no choice but to leave the bedroom reluctantly.

As soon as the door was shut, Madilyn put on a solemn face and bombarded her bestie with a series of questions. “You‘d better come clean with me now.

What happened? You were perfectly fine when you attended the banquet yesterday. How is it possible that you became so sick today? Also, did you really run into Lucian?”

Roxanne felt slightly exasperated having to attend to the relentless interrogation of her best friend before she could recuperate. “It‘s really just a coincidence.

There was a minor accident on the flight back which startled me and caused me to become like this. Don‘t tell the boys. I don‘t want them to worry.”

Madilyn stared at her for a while. The suspicion in her eyes was replaced with sympathy. “All right, I got it. I know what to do. It‘s just that you and Lucian…”

Madilyn was well aware of what happened between them.

Six years ago, Roxanne had fled to a faraway place because of Lucian‘s hostility against her.

Now that she was back, the man had been acting like a completely different person. Not only did he keep showing up around Roxanne, but his attitude toward her had also improved tremendously.

Madilyn could not wrap her head around the changes in Lucian. She could only pray hard that Roxanne would not let history repeat itself.

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