Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 417

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 417 – Meanwhile, before Roxanne had the opportunity to answer, Lucian furrowed his brows and added grimly, “

If it’s not convenient, I’ll send Cayden over.” Regaining her senses, Roxanne calmed herself down and replied, “It’s all right.

Essie is already in my car. I was just about to give you a call to tell you.” Her words cased the tension on his face. “Thanks for that.

Anyway, I have to go off now.” Before Roxanne could even react, Lucian ended the call. All she could hear was the call-end tone.

After spacing out for a few seconds, Roxanne put her phone aside. Nonetheless, Lucian’s voice continued to reverberate in her mind.

She was unsure if she was overthinking it, but it felt as if he was warming up to her after spending the last two days rehearsing together.

In fact, she would sometimes be mired in the illusion that they were a family, and that was the exact sensation she felt a moment ago.

Unfortunately, the thought of Sonya alone caused her to snap back into reality.

“Mommy?” Curious as to why she hadn’t yet driven off, the children checked on her.

Roxanne, gradually gathering her thoughts, mumbled a response before starting the drive back home.

By the time they arrived, the dinner Lysa prepared was already waiting for them. When Lysa only saw the four of them, she was surprised.

“Where’s Mr. Farwell?” Used to having dinner together with him over the last two days, Lysa felt out of sorts when she only saw Estella and not Lucian.

When she looked behind them to check, Lucian was still nowhere to be seen.

Lysa then gave Roxanne a quizzical look as if he was a member of their family. Noucing Lysa’s strange expression,

Roxanne knitted her brows but quickly realized that the niggling sensation she felt wasn’t imagined. At the same time,

for some inexplicable reason, her mood plummeted. “Ie… is tied up with work.” Lysa nodded in acknowledgment.

“In that case, should we wait for him, or shall we start first?” Roxanne fell into deep thought again.

Lysa’s question sparked a glint in Estella’s eyes as she turned around and gave Roxanne a pitiful look. “I want Daddy…”

She had barely spoken when she gave Roxanne’s sleeve a gentle tug and whined, “Daddy doesn’t eat when he’s busy.”

After hearing Estella’s words, Roxanne had no choice but to nod at Lysa. “Let’s wait for a while then.” Lysa bobbed her head in acknowledgment.

Roxanne, with conflicted emotions, ushered the children to wash their hands.

“Mommy, are we waiting for Mr. Farwell to have dinner together?” Benny asked while the water was running down his hands.

He had heard what Roxanne promised Estella but was also aware that she was trying to avoid Lucian. In the end, Roxanne mumbled an affirmative.

Sensing his mother’s reluctance, Benny tilted his head in confusion.

Since Mommy doesn’t like Daddy, why did she agree to wait for him to have dinner?

Oblivious to what was going through Benny’s mind, she waited for them to finish washing their hands before leading them out of the bathroom.

It was then that they heard a knock on the door. Everyone could guess that Lucian had arrived.

With that thought in mind, Roxanne put on an aloof expression as she opened the door.

When she did, she was greeted by the sight of Lucian in a suit and a neatly tied tie.

He looked as if he had just come out of a meeting and was still exuding an authoritative air.

Roxanne, after being briefly stunned by his appearance, stepped aside to make way. “Come in.”

Lucian gave her a slight nod before brushing past her to enter the living room.

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