Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 397

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 397 – Naturally, Roxanne wouldn‘t tell Jonathan about the matter between her and Lucian.

Apart from that, however, she indeed had no reason to refuse a ride from Lucian. After mulling it over, she relented in the end.

She slowed her pace and walked side by side with the man. When they reached the entrance of the parking lot,

they promptly spotted Lucian a near distance away.

The man was wearing a black trench coat, standing next to his car with his back ramrod straight and his eyes fixated in their direction.

The instant his eyes alighted on the woman beside Jonathan, his gaze seemingly darkened imperceptibly.

“Why didn‘t you wait in the car? It‘s so chilly,” Jonathan commented casually. Lucian merely ordered, “Get in the car.” Having said that, he s

wept his gaze over Roxanne before bending slightly and climbing into the car. Roxanne had made up her mind to hitch a ride with him.

But for some inexplicable reason, a sense of apprehension slithered into her when she laid eyes on the man.

Hence, she stood by the car, incapable of moving. Clocking her hesitation, Jonathan urged, “Quick, get into the car, Dr. Jarvis.“.

Roxanne snapped back to her senses. Hoping to keep him from noticing any oddity, she nodded impassively and headed toward the passenger seat.

Since she had no choice but to sit in the same car with Lucian, she wanted to minimize her contact with him as much as possible.

Unfortunately, Jonathan had already opened the passenger door when she made to head over and declared,

“It‘ll be too cramped with two men sitting in the back. Make do with Lucian, Dr. Jarvis.”

Right after saying that, he bent down and slid into the passenger seat. In a flash, Roxanne was the only one lest standing outside the car.

She stared at the back seat, caught between a rock and a difficult place.

She wasn‘t sure whether she was overthinking things, but everything that happened that night seemed too much of a coincidence.

Jonathan was behaving very strangely as well. It was as though he had planned everything.

If she hadn‘t known that the man had no idea about her relationship with Lucian, she was almost positive that it was all his scheme.

After standing outside for several seconds, Roxanne bit the bullet and circled over. Swinging open the car door, she got into the car.

When she had settled in, she reflexively glanced at the man beside her. Lucian seemed to have imbibed a little too much.

He appeared rather indolent as he reclined against the seat with a hand propped against his temple languidly.

His eyes were closed lightly, and he didn‘t react to her getting into the car. Seeing that, Roxanne surreptitiously breathed a sigh of relief.

She did her best to stick as close to the car window as possible to keep her distance from him. The car then started moving slowly.

Roxanne furtively rejoiced that she would be alighting from the car before Jonathan so things wouldn‘t be overly awkward.

Unexpectedly, Jonathan exclaimed out of the blue when the car passed an intersection, “I suddenly remember that I‘ve got something to do nearby!

Just drop me off here.” When Roxanne heard that, her heart instantly clenched.

It‘s still a distance away from my place, so I‘d have no choice but to face Lucian if he were to get out of the car here…

At that thought, the urge to do the same seized her. Regretfully, that would appear too deliberate.

While she was still hesitating, Jonathan had already opened the car door and climbed out of the car. He even prompted Lucian,

“I‘m entrusting Dr. Jarvis to you. Make sure to drive her home safely.” Lucian nodded non–committally.

Then, Jonathan said to Roxanne with a smile, “Remember to text me when you arrive home so that I can put my grandfather‘s mind at ease, Dr. Jarvis.”

Roxanne murmured her acquiescence stiffly. When the car door had closed, the car continued driving slowly.

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