Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 390

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 390 – Jonathan could see that Roxanne was worried,

and he could decipher what she was worried about, so he rephrased his words.

“Queen Group won‘ t have a falling out with Farwell Group because of something trivial as this, and I won‘t risk Queen Group either.

Naturally, I‘ve made all the preparations b efore coming here to talk about this with you.”

The hesitance on Roxanne‘s face slowly faded away as she stared at his confident expression.

However, she still could not stop herself from asking, “But why are you helping me out? Is it just because I cured Old Mr. Queen‘s illness?”

When Jonathan thought about his conversation with Lucian the night before, the thoughts he had whilst he looked into Roxanne‘s eyes changed.

However, Roxanne only felt strange as she stared back at him. Half a beat later, Jonathan slowly stated, “My grandpa had been bedbound for years, and it‘s
all thanks to you, Dr. Jarvis, that he can recover to this point.

Moreover, you‘ve said before that my grandpa was already on the verge of death when you took over his case. Therefore, you‘re his savior.

This is a great favor you‘ve done to the Queen family, and my grandpa even thinks of you as one of the Queens.

He has asked me to be extra considerate with you.” Roxanne was suddenly reminded of the way Alfred tried to match– make her and Jonathan.

Hence, upon hearing Jonathan‘s words, she began wondering if Alfred had yet to give up on that.

An apologetic look then crossed her face as she solemnly told Jonathan, “Please thank Old Mr. Queen for me.

It‘s my duty as a doctor to treat and save patients. Also, it‘s not as if I‘ve not received anything in return; the Queen family has paid for my service,

so we don‘t owe each other anything. Old Mr. Queen has no need to keep this matter in mind anymore. cenni After a few seconds of silence,

Roxanne continued in a grave voice, “Moreover, I already have two children. I‘ve already given my clear rejection abut the thing Old Mr. Queen
mentioned last time.

I‘m sure you don‘t agree to it either.” – Right as those words were out of her mouth, the expressions of the two other people in the room changed.

An exasperated look appeared on Jonathan‘s face. Is it that easy to misunderstand my words?

Even Lucian misunderstood my words when I talked about this with him last night. Now, Roxanne‘s doing the same.

In contrast, Colby‘s heart sunk, and his eyes widened. He knew that Roxanne had gotten closer to Jonathan after Roxanne treated Jonathan‘s grandfather.

However, he had no idea that Alfred had borne such thoughts before.

Even though Roxanne had not voiced it out loudly Colby could guess that Alfred with Jonathan.

It took Jonathan a while before he could dismiss the exasperation he felt. Amu Roxanne, “It has nothing to do with that.

You‘ve already rejected him, so how after we learned about your personality.” Finally, Roxanne sighed in relief and smiled at him.

“In that case, I‘ll have to go Jonathan had an equally bright smile on his face. “Good to hear that.

For that The two then chatted a little more about the herb suppliers before Jonathan ro

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