Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 39

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 39 – When Roxanne walked out of the room, she lowered her voice and spoke to the children.
“I’m still treating a patient right now, so I’ll be back much later. Go play with Aunt Madilyn first.”

The children were used to her returning home late, so they agreed. Concurrently, inside the room, Lucian’s expression was so cold that it was reaching the freezing point. Rage was boiling in his heart.

Estella’s attempt to reach Roxanne’s hand and the “Mommy” he heard on the phone kept echoing in his mind. No wonder she acts so coldly toward Estella. It turns out she had already married someone else and given birth to new children! That’s why she abandoned Estella back then!

He stared at his daughter, who was still standing in her original spot. was Despite her obvious disappointment, she still stared at the door, waiting
for Roxanne to return. Watching her like that made his heart ache. So what if she has returned? She still doesn’t want to take care of her child!

The look on Lucian’s face was terrifyingly dark as he approached Estella and carried her into his arms. The girl stared at him with confusion and tugged his collar, indicating that she didn’t want to be carried Of course, he didn’t notice it as he coldly announced,

“It’s getting late, so I’ll be taking Essie back home now. If Old Mr. Queen wakes up, give me a call. I’ll stop by another day.”
Before Jonathan could reply, he left with Estella. Roxanne had just ended her call and was about to head back in.

When she arrived at the doorway, she saw Lucian walking out expressionlessly. Her heart clenched, but just as she wondered what to do, he walked past her and left without glancing at her.

She was a little stunned at his sudden departure, though when she returned to her senses, she laughed self-deprecatingly in her mind.
It seems like he didn’t care about the call at all. Six years ago, he didn’t care about me either, not to mention I did that sort of thing to him when I left.

Of course, he won’t care about me now, nor would he care about the two children. To him, we’re all strangers. Roxanne knew they lived in different worlds.
She thought about the emotional roller-coaster she had just gone through earlier and felt like a joke.

She stood outside the door for a long while before sighing gently. Upon tidying up her thoughts, she entered the room.
Only Jonathan was left in the room. He had witnessed their interaction earlier.

For some reason, I feel like their relationship isn’t as simple as it seems. Lucian, especially, seems weird. It’s the first time he showed so many
emotions toward a woman. He was really curious about their history, but because it was their private matter, he didn’t inquire further about it.

Instead, he started talking about Alfred’s condition with her. Estella was panicking as Lucian brought her out of the mansion and into the car.
She quickly wrote a sentence in her notebook and tugged the hem of his shirt before showing it to him.

The sentence read: I haven’t talked to Ms. Jarvis yet. Can we stay a little longer? Seeing that, Lucian felt a surge of mixed feelings, and his eyebrows furrowed.

Estella noticed her father looked kind of down, and a caring look appeared in her eyes. She then wrote two more sentences:
What’s wrong, Daddy? Why aren’t you happy?

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