Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 388

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 388 – However, Jonathan had been harboring a thought ever since he learned that Roxanne was Lucian‘s ex–wife
who had left without a word, and he could not help but ask it at that moment.

“What relationship does Dr. Jarvis have with Essie? I‘ve never seen Essie so reliant on anyone.”

Even though Jonathan did not say it out loud, Lucian could guess what Jonathan was trying to ask. Hence, he mildly replied, “Essie‘s her daughter.”

It to Jonath Jonathan had long guessed that, but hearing it from Lucian was another matter.

a while to come back to his senses after hearing Lucian‘s response.

The time Roxanne left and Estella‘s age, along with how close Estella was with Roxanne, made Jonathan suspect that Estella was Roxanne‘s daughter.

However, it seemed Roxanne treated Estella like any ordinary child whenever they interacted, so Jonathan dared not jump to any conclusions about that.

Thus, he was perplexed to hear Lucian‘s confession. So Dr. Jarvis doesn‘t know about this? She gave birth to the girl, but she has no idea about that?

Jonathan simply could not wrap his head around the matter, so he hesitantly asked,

“Dr. Jarvis doesn‘t know about this, does shLucian nodded in ffirmation. “It seems like something has happened midway ,

so both Essie and Roxanne don‘t know about this.” The more Jonathan thought about it, the more absurd he found it to be.

“Why don‘t you tell them both then?” If Dr. Jarvis finds out that Essie‘s her daughter, she might choose to marry Lucian again for the sake of Essie.

Things won‘t be this complicated. At his question, Lucian‘s gaze darkened. “It‘s because she has two sons.”

zecaus Initially, it was because of her two boys and also because he thought Roxanne knew that Estella was her daughter.

Later on, he realized there had been a misunderstanding, but there was no opportunity for him to explain it anymore.

Now, Roxanne was avoiding him. If he were to tell her about this, he was sur e that he would only be troubling her even more.

Jonathan knew that Roxanne had two children, but he had never seen them himself. Hence, he only muttered,

“We don‘t know what Dr. Jarvis has gone t hrough all these years. Honestly, I‘m curious about where her kids are from.”

Lucian lowered his gaze in silence. The children‘s history was still a mystery to him.

At Lucian‘s silence, Jonathan realized that his friend did not want to continue the topic anymore.

Furthermore, he had rec everything, Dr. Jarvis is Essie‘s biological mother, I definitely have to help out Lucian‘s tense expression relaxed a little,

and he nodded at Jonathan. “Thank Jonathan smiled. “If you want to thank me, you‘ll have to treat me to this meal Smiling in return, Lucian agreed to it.

It was getting late, and since the two were done discussing the main topic, they stood to leave.

When they arrived downstairs, the server came up to them to inquire about the The server glanced at Lucian and saw the man nod.

Then, the server bowed a Even after returning to the Queen residence, Jonathan still remembered his p and were under Queen Group‘s protection that night.

After he offered them benefits while also threatening them, they agreed to consider working with VR Research Institute

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