Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 386

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 386 – Cayden took quite

some time before he could reel in from the shock. The first thing he did after that was to report to Lucian.

Meanwhile, Lucian did not speak after ending the call with Cayden. Jonathan was no fool, so he quietly ate the food that had turned cold.

When Lucian‘s phone lit up again, Jonathan whipped his head toward it. Lucian answered the call swiftly.

“Mr. Farwell, I have the findings,” Cayden started cautiously. “Who did this?” Lucian asked in a deep voice.

Cayden hesitantly replied, “It‘s… Mrs. Farwell.” Lucian lowered his gaze when he heard that, but no surprise crossed his face.

Ever since Jonathan told him about the matter, he could somewhat guess who was behind it.

Instructing Cayden to look into it was just to make sure his speculation was right. “Understood.” Lucian then expressionlessly ended the call.

The temperature in the room had almost dropped below zero by then. Jonathan opened his mouth to say something, but Lucian‘s voice came first.

“When did you find out about this?” Jonathan tensed for a moment before answering honestly, “Yesterday.”

Just as he replied to Lucian, the temperature in the room dropped even more.

Jonathan quickly explained, “Queen Group was affected too, so I was busy dealing with Queen Group‘s trouble.

Also, I didn‘t know how I should tell you about it, so it dragged on until today. Don‘t worry.

The herbs Queen Group supplied to Dr. Jarvis and the others should be enough.” Lucian lowered his gaze, suppressing the upset feelings.

After all, he was ultimately at fault for something like this to happen.

He knew that his mother disliked Roxanne, and he had seen the two‘s confrontation in the café himself.

He should have realized that his mother would have laid a finger on Roxanne,

He should have sent men to keep a close eye on both of them to stop his mother from doing anything and to protect Roxanne.

However, Lucian had been too busy with his company.

Whenever he came back from his office, he would stay at Estella‘s side at all times, resulting in him neglecting Roxanne.

Furthermore, he never expected his mother to have made a move so quickly. “Also, I didn‘t know you had no idea about this,” Jonathan slowly added.

He thought that Lucian would somewhat know about that since Sonya had done it by using Farwell Group‘s power.

If not for Frieda‘s words earlier in the morning, Jonathan would have never tho At that, Lucian‘s expression darkened even more!

That woman must have known that this has something to do with Farwell Group. Maybe she thinks that I know about this as well.

She‘s already avoiding me before this.

Now, I wonder what “I‘ve been busy in the company,” was the simple answer Lucian gave to Jonat The latter nodded in understanding.

True. Mrs. Farwell would have hidden this With that thought in mind, Jonathan could not help but feel apologetic.

“I should have told you abo There was no change in Lucian‘s expression as he said,

“Only the two of us w If Lucian were to put himself in Jonathan‘s shoes, he would be able to underst Their families were on good terms.

By telling Lucian about it, Jonathan would Jonathan drew his brows together. “That‘s not the point. If not for seeing the

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