Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 375

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 375 – Let Roxanne Off Easily Not long after Sonya left, someone knocked on the door.

Frieda then walked inwearing a bitter expression. “What’s wrong? Did someone bully you?”

Aubree questioned as she was confused after seeing her expression. Frieda sat beside the bed and started peeling an apple distractedly.

“My brother and my grandpa!” she complained. As Frieda wasn’t focusing on peeling the apple, Aubree took the apple and knife away from her.

Patiently, she asked, “What did they do to you?” “They found out I was the one whotold Rex to not supply the medicinal herbs to Roxanne!”

Frieda shot her an aggrieved look. Actually, it was Aubree who gave her the idea in the first place.

If Aubree hadn’t mentioned the matter, Frieda wouldn’t find out that Sonya had blacklisted Roxanne.

As they both disliked Roxanne, Aubree suggested that she should grab the opportunity to stop supplying medicinal herbs to Roxanne.

Besides getting to vent their frustration, they could also improve the relationship between Queen Group and Farwell Group.

Frieda didn’t think much about it. Assuming that Aubree was helping her, she did as she was told.

After she received a scolding, she immediately came to Aubree and poured out her grievances. A flash of disgust appeared in Aubree’s eyes.

I can’t believe Frieda couldn’t accomplish something this simple!

Despite thinking that way, Aubree had to pretend to be a caring and understanding friend.

“Thenwhat happened? Did they reprimand you?” she urged softly. Frieda nodded angrily.

“They said I was trying to destroy the Queen family’s reputation. I was prohibited to interfere in Queen Group’s business from now on!”

Having said that, Frieda took Aubree’s other arm and gave hera pleading look. “Aubree, you know I did nothing wrong.

Please help me explain to Jonathan and my grandpa!” I did nothing wrong but lost my voice in Queen Group.

It’s not worthwhile at all. A flash of impatience appeared on Aubree’s face as she brushed Frieda’s hand away discreetly. “Calm down.

It’s normal for Old Mr. Queen and Jonathan to react that way, for it was Roxanne who cured Old Mr. Queen’s illness.

Jonathan had always stood on Roxanne’s side, so it’s normal for him to defend her.” Frieda’s expression changed slightly.

“Are we going to let Roxanne off easily this time?” Aubree grimaced.

“Did Queen Group resume supplying medicinal herbs to Roxanne’s research institute?” Frieda nodded gravely.

Obviously, Jonathan and Grandpa want to continue supplying medicinal herbs to Roxanne.

A wave of fury crashed through Frieda when she thought of she failed to teach Roxanne a lesson and instead ended up getting reprimanded by her family.

Aubree’s rage nearly went through the roof, for that meant that Sonya’s plan had fallen short.

She didn’t want Queen Group to intervene and hinted at Frieda to take action against Roxanne.

Alas, she didn’t know that Frieda was that unreliable.

Aubree fell silent, but Frieda didn’t realize anything was wrong and continued to pour her grievances.

“I wonder why Grandpa and Jonathan side with Roxanne when all she did was cure Grandpa’s illness.

They refused to believe me even though I am one of them. I did this for Queen Group’s sake!” she complained.

Aubree was getting annoyed, so she merely replied half-heartedly, “They will soonknow that you’re right.”

Hearing her acknowledgment, Frieda was pleased.

I knew I was right! However, she couldn’t help but lament, “Ugh, we let her off easily this time!” Aubree’s eyes were blocks of ice.

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