Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 37

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 37 – With no one disturbing her, Roxanne’s treatment went much more smoothly.

After a while, a dozen of silver needles were poked onto Alfred’s chest.

Throughout the entire process, Roxanne focused all her attention on treating him calmly and steadily
In fact, she was so focused that she didn’t realize Lucian was staring at her the whole time.

When they were downstairs, he had already read through her credentials. It was absolutely flawless. That was enough for him to imagine how exciting her
life had been for the past six years. However, it was his first time seeing this side of her.

hen she was doing her job, she was absolutely focused and didn’t reflect any hesitation in her movements. t was something Lucian had never seen in
Roxanne before. An indescribable feeling surfaced in his heart when he saw that.

At the side, Jonathan had been observing her poking the needles on his grandfather and her expression as she was doing so.
After a dozen needles were poked onto Alfred’s body, he joyously found out that perhaps she would be able to save Alfred.

Like everyone else, he thought it was ridiculous when she stabbed her first silver needle.
However, recalling her expression as she was doing so, he somehow felt as though he could trust her.

So, he insisted that she stayed. The more he watched her administer the needles skillfully and composedly, the more he was certain she was capable
of treating his grandfather. He also noticed that the spots she stabbed with the needles were very dangerous acupuncture points.

If she made even the tiniest mistake, not only would her effort be for nothing, but Alfred might also lose his life.
It was his belief that Roxanne wouldn’t risk Alfred’s life unless she was confident.

It looks like her research on acupuncture and acupuncture points had indeed reached the level of a master’s!
Thinking of that, Jonathan felt joyful and respected her from the bottom of his heart.

Even though she looks younger than me, she’s already much more capable than I am. Indeed, one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.
The room remained silent for nearly twenty minutes before Roxanne stabbed one last needle onto Alfred.

Her expression relaxed as she lifted her sweaty forehead. “All right, that will be enough. He’ll be much better after I remove the
necdles an hour later.” She glanced at the two men beside the bed.

Jonathan let out a long sigh of relief and carefully approached Alfred. Then he asked, “When will he wake up?” “He should wake up when I remove the needles.” Roxanne stood up and attempted to grab tissue papers to wipe her forehead.

Just as she was about to do that, someone tugged the hem of her shirt. She paused and lowered her head in confusion. That was when she met up
with Estella’s sparkling eyes.

Even though she knew it was a child Lucian had with another woman, she still couldn’t steel her heart in front of such an angelic and cute face.
Seeing how she was looking at her, Estella pulled out a neatly folded handkerchief and stood on her toes.

Then she handed the handkerchief to Roxanne with anticipation in her eyes. Roxanne hesitated for a few seconds before smiling, “Thank you.”

SecThen she accepted the handkerchief and wiped her forehead with it. acc Estella smiled brightly and left to pour her a cup of water.
Lucian stared silently at how Estella was walking around excitedly.

His eyes turned dark. This is the first time she’s taking the initiative to get closer to someone. Although… I suppose it’s only natural, considering their relationship.

Jonathan didn’t know that, so he was surprised. “Looks like Essie likes you, Dr. Jarvis! It’s my first time seeing her being willing to get close to another person!”

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