Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 350

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 350 – Fully Cured

Meanwhile, at the Farwell residence, Lucian immediately stopped working after getting the call from Catalina.

He rushed home from the office and called James on the way.

Ever since the abduction incident, Estella had suffered from mental instability and they had to pay extra attention to her.

Catalina stepped forward as soon as she noticed the two of them stepped inside the house.

“Where is Essie?” Lucian furrowed his brows and eyed the living room. There was no sign of the little girl anywhere.

Catalina pointed upstairs and said, “She went up to her own room after coming back, and she didn’t seem like she was in a good mood.

No matter what I said, she just paid no heed to me. I didn’t know what else to do but to get you back home.”

Lucian nodded solemnly and brought James upstairs. Estella’s room was locked, and it was eerily quiet. Lucian’s heart sank.

He knocked on the door gently and said, “Essie, it’s Daddy. Could you open the door and let me in?”

No sound was heard coming from the inside of the room. Estelle did not seem to have any intention of opening the door either.

Lucian turned around to look at James. He was not actually worried about Estella coming home alone.

er brooding, however, was something he was worried about. Lucian was concerned that Estella would lock herself up like last time.

Likewise, James was worried about the little girl. He had been Estella’s psychologist for many years.

Even though her condition had not improved over the years, it was still a rare condition, especially considering her age.

The two of them hesitated for some time. Lucian ordered Catalina in a low voice, “Go take the keys.”

Just when Catalina was about to go fetch the keys, Estella opened the door. The three adults heaved a sigh of relief.

“What happened? Why did you come back alone?” Lucian leaned forward and eyed the little girl.

Estella seemed upset and shook her head. It was apparent that she did not wish to talk about it.

Seeing that Estella was at least somewhat responsive to his question, Lucian was relieved. He patted her on her head and said, “

It’s all right if you don’t want to say it. Just take a good rest. I’ll call you when it’s time for dinner later.”

Estella nodded meekly. When she went inside, Lucian ordered in a low voice, “Don’t lock the door anymore.” Estella agreed.

She closed the door, and Lucian brought James to his study. “What do you think about Essie’s current condition?”

They sat opposite each other in the study. James had been observing Estella and did not notice any changes in her.

He nodded and said, “Same old, same old. Perhaps only some people could make her condition better.”

Of course, Lucian was well aware of who he was referring to. “I would suggest for her to get in touch with Ms. Jarvis more often.

Estella might just recover after some time,” James commented. He noticed that Lucian’s face grew solemn. Puzzled, he asked, “Why? Is it not feasible?”

Lucian pinched between his brows and said, “I’m afraid that is not likely at the moment.”

Of course, Lucian knew that Estella would get better with Roxanne by her side. However, Roxanne was not particularly fond of him.

Lucian reckoned that it would be almost impossible for her to agree to Estella staying with her.

James was saddened by the news. “Well, you will be Estella’s best hope then. You have to pay more attention to her condition.

Anyhow, you may contact me for anything. Nothing has changed in that regard.” Lucian nodded solemnly.

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