Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 347

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 347 – Heartless

In Roxanne’s embrace, Estella was crying her lungs out when she tightened her grip on Roxanne’s shirt and uttered, “I want you, Ms. Jarvis.

I want you to be my mommy!” Roxanne was stunned. Estella then added, “You’re the best, Ms. Jarvis. Daddy likes you too…”

It was then Roxanne returned to her senses and scoffed at herself. Why would Essie come to such a conclusion?

Perhaps she thinks when two people interact with each other more often, they’re into each other. I think that’s why she likes Benny and Archie.

No matter how I explain the situation to her, I bet she’ll never understand it. She would definitely refuse to acknowledge the fact that Lucian likes Aubree.

With that thought in mind, Roxanne couldn’t help but feel a headache coming.

A while later, she reached out her hand to wipe the tears off Estella’s face and uttered tactfully, “I-I won’t be here forever.

I’ve only returned to the country for work this time around. Once I’m done, I’ll have to leave the country again.

Hence, I won’t be able to be your mommy, Essie.” Although she had already tried her best to be tactful, Estella ended up wanting her to stay even more.

After she stopped crying for a while, Estella cried even harder because knew she wouldn’t be able to see Roxanne anymore once she had left the country.

Roxanne was taken aback, and she felt a panic rising in her chest. Archie and Benny heard Estella crying, so they quickly rushed to the scene.

They looked at Estella worriedly and asked, “Mommy, what happened to Essie?”

Roxanne parted her lips but didn’t know how to respond to their question.

Tears were streaming down Estella’s cheeks, and she pleaded in a hoarse voice, “Don’t leave, Ms. Jarvis…”

Benny and Archie looked perplexed. “Where are you going, Mommy?”

Roxanne had only said that because that was the first thing she could think of at that moment. Hence, she hadn’t told Benny and Archie about it yet.

Right then, all three kids were staring at her. Roxanne bit her lip and endured the heartbreak.

“Once I’m done with my work here, I’ll take you guys abroad. Unlike here, I think you guys are more accustomed to the lifestyle abroad.

After all, that’s where I raised you guys.” Hearing that, Archie and Benny were briefly stunned. This is so sudden.

However, there’s not much difference. We’ve only come back to Chanaea this time around because we wanted to see what Daddy looks like.

Not only have we seen him, but we’ve also found out he doesn’t want us around.

They were only reluctant to leave Chanaea because of Estella and Madilyn. We can still keep in contact with Aunt Madilyn after we leave the country.

We can never look for Essie anymore, though. Archie and Benny looked at Estella, who was in Roxanne’s embrace, longingly.

Since Daddy is going to marry another woman, Mommy won’t contact him anymore after we leave the country.

Hence, we might never get to talk to Essie again. Archie and Benny were saddened by the fact that they would lose contact with Estella.

Since I’ve already said so much, I should just say it as it is. Otherwise, Estella is going to end up crying once again in the future.

Under their intense gazes, Roxanne frowned and toughened herself up when she said, “After this, I might not be able to see you again.

However, you should know that I’ll be missing you dearly. Be good, okay? Listen to your daddy and talk to him more often.”

Roxanne forced out a smile and glanced at Estella.

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