Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 335

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 335 – Unable To Defend Herself

Since it was already late when she stepped out of the hospital, Sonya headed back to the Farwell residence in spite of her anger.

I must demand an explanation from Roxanne over what happened and also give her a stern warning.

As for what to say, I’ll have to give it proper thought first. That night, Sonya didn’t sleep a wink, for her mind was entirely occupied by the matter.

The next morning, Sonya had a simple breakfast before getting the driver to send her to Roxanne’s house.

Meanwhile, Roxanne was having breakfast with the children. Benny, who was feeling much better after taking his medication,

was enjoying his breakfast very much. When she saw how he had returned to his energetic self, Roxanne sighed to herself in relief.

Just when she planned to take them to the research institute after breakfast, an unexpected guest arrived.

Amidst the children having breakfast, Roxanne got up to get the door upon hearing the doorbell ring.

At the sight of the visitor, Roxanne’s heart sank. She turned around and instructed Lysa, “I’m going out for a while; please look after the children.”

Lysa acknowledged at once. The children, who were oblivious to the visitor’s presence, bid Roxanne goodbye under the assumption she was going to work.

By the time Roxanne turned back around after smiling at the children as if nothing had happened, all that was left was an emotionless face. “

Mrs. Farwell, whatever it is, let’s talk outside.

Recognizing that Sonya was there with hostile intentions, Roxanne didn’t want the children to be affected.

After throwing her a look of contempt, Sonya returned to the car without another word. Roxanne hesitated briefly before going along with her.

When the car finally stopped at a nearby café, Sonya maintained her silence together with a solemn look on her face.

Nonetheless, Roxanne could clearly feel the animosity Sonya was exuding. She probably wants to see me over Lucian.

After both of them were seated inside the café, Sonya finally spoke. “I’m sure you know the reason why I’m here.”

Roxanne implicitly acknowledged Sonya’s words with pursed lips and an indifferent stare.

“Six years ago, you left the Farwell family abruptly and left behind a divorce agreement, ruining the family’s reputation.

Given how much time had passed since then, I no longer harbored any intention to hold you accountable for it.

Unfortunately, you just had to deviously return to the country and even get involved with Lucian.”

Sonya’s voice was exceptionally frosty. “As I have said before, you will never be part of the Farwell family.

When you first got yourself entangled with Lucian, I had already warned you once.

But in the end, all you did was disrespect me by continuously hounding him.”

Roxanne knitted her brows slightly. “Let’s be clear that all my interactions with Mr. Farwell are for Essie’s sake.

Just like how you don’t want me to be involved with him, I similarly don’t want to embroil myself in any trouble.

So why would I insist on hounding him?” “Are you saying that he’s hounding you instead?” Sonya gave Roxanne a mocking stare. “

Even if that’s true, you should have known better, especially since Lucian is engaged. His future wife will never be you, for I’ll never let him marry you!”

Sonya’s words didn’t come as a surprise to her. Thus, Roxanne wasn’t really bothered by them.

However, Sonya added, “Previously, I turned a blind eye to your interaction with Lucian for Essie’s sake.

But your attempt to harm Aubree is something I cannot tolerate.

She was injured while trying to save me, and now that she is close to full recovery after a tedious process, you chose to aggravate her injury.

Roxanne, there’s no way I would dare let someone as vicious as you anywhere close to Lucian.”

The words caused Roxanne’s expression to change slightly. Aggravate her injury? Is it because of what happened last night?

Even though she knew that Aubree was putting up an act, she was still stumped for a response to defend herself.

Assuming Roxanne’s silence was tacit admission to the accusations, Sonya glowered even more intensely.

“So you had better behave, or else I don’t mind sending you back to wherever you came from!”

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