Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 321

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 321 – Leave

“This is a public space, and my children are right here. I’m not interested in you, so please stop bothering me and leave.”

Roxanne’s attitude turned cold as she stared at the man emotionlessly.

Even though she was sitting, meaning she didn’t have the high ground, her demeanor was imposing.

The man was stunned by her warning for a few seconds before snapping back to his senses.

He was feeling a little apprehensive, but he couldn’t resist the temptation, so he stubbornly refused to back down.

“Fine, I won’t continue here. How about you give me your phone number? We can continue to chat privately.”

Roxanne glared at him with disdain. “If you still refuse to leave, I’ll call the staff to chase you away!”

The man looked around and saw the nearest staff was quite far away. Hence, he tried to take her phone by force.

A small hand grabbed it before he did. Roxanne looked at her child with slight surprise. What is he trying to do?

“I’m going to call Daddy and let him handle this! The swimming pool has

surveillance cameras. My daddy won’t let you go for harassing my mommy!” Archie earnestly flipped through the contacts on her phone.

She became silent. Ah, so he’s trying to scare this man away by saying that.

The man was still standing there stubbornly, as though he wasn’t going to leave until he achieved his goal.

Archie stared at the man with a tense and fierce expression. “My daddy is a CEO! He’s very powerful! Just wait and see!”

He then half-intentionally let the man see Lucian’s contact on Roxanne’s phone. The man was shocked.

The reason he worked at a nearby gym was that he wanted to hook up with rich women.

It was why he did plenty of research on famous families in Horington.

So, obviously, he had heard about Lucian and how powerful Lucian was in Harington. He also heard about Lucian’s relationship.

It didn’t appear odd to him that Lucian might have a few mistresses running around outside.

He knew in an instant that Roxanne was someone living in the neighborhood.

So, he didn’t suspect what Archie said, especially because of her temperament, and started feeling fearful.

I can’t believe I accidentally messed with Lucian’s woman! Roxanne panickily glanced at her child when she heard what he said, too.

Why did he use Lucian’s name to protect us? Is this a coincidence? I can’t tell if he’s just trying to use Lucian’s name to scare this man off or if he
already knows about his background.

“Oh, so you’re Mr. Farwell’s woman.” The man was stunned for a moment.

When he returned to his senses, he apologized to Roxanne, “I was a fool. I hope you’re willing to forgive me, miss.”

Roxanne didn’t hear what he said clearly as she couldn’t stop thinking about what Archie had blurted. She simply nodded inattentively.

“Please, just leave.” The man’s expression shifted drastically. “I’ll get out of your sight right away.” He then turned around and left.

Her attention wasn’t focused on his movements at all. Archie’s expression relaxed after he saw the ugly man who harassed his mother leave.

He turned around, intending to return the phone to Roxanne. When he saw how his mother looked at him, he acted all innocent.

“What’s wrong, Mommy?” Roxanne’s eyes were aimed at her son’s face unblinkingly.

No matter how she looked, she couldn’t detect any abnormalities, so she took the phone back with a heavy heart. “It’s nothing.

You two should go back to swimming. I’m fine.” Archie and Benny nodded before returning to the pool.

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