Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 316

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 316 – Troublesome Sonya and the others continued to keep Aubree company in the ward.

Aubree was actually tired of her presence. She only used Sonya to get close to Lucian. Now that the man had agreed to stay back for her,

she started getting impatient that the seniors kept lingering around in the room, having no intention to leave.

Despite so, she still put on a pleasant expression, pretending to be a goody two shoes.

“Aubree, you’re the patient. Therefore, you should just stay in bed these two days and get Lucian to run errands for you.”

Sonya stroked the cast on Aubree’s arm. She had enough of Sonya’s never-ending words of concern.

With a fake smile, she replied, “Thanks for the thoughts, Mrs. Farwell. I’ll take note of it, but…”

Aubree unintentionally swept her glance across the man at the door. Then, she bit her lip and muttered pitifully,

“I’m already very thankful that Lucian is here with me. I can’t trouble him any more than this.” Sonya scanned the room for his son,

only to realize that he was still standing far away from Aubree. Fuming, she lashed out at him,

“Why are you standing at the corner? Aubree is a girl, and girls can be shy at times.

Bear this in mind when you take care of her these few days. Be more proactive. Don’t make a girl open her mouth to ask for help.”

Lucian merely frowned without saying a word. Seeing so, Aubree put on a sad face and tried to speak up for Lucian.

“Mrs. Farwell, Lucian is always very busy at work. After knocking off, he should enjoy his free time and get some rest.

Please don’t insist that he come over. I can take care of myself. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Sonya’s expression lightened up a little when she saw how understanding Aubree was.

Moments later, the latter seemed to feel uncomfortable after lying down for some time. She instinctively lifted her arm and tried to prop herself up,

forgetting completely that her arm was in a cast. The second she exerted force, she gasped in pain.

“Be careful, Aubree!” Gina noticed her daughter’s action and rushed over to assist her. Her heart ached upon seeing so.

“I’m fine, Mom. I’m just not used to the cast. See, I can prop myself up with only one arm. It just takes time to adjust.”

Aubree smiled and consoled her mother. Subsequently, she caressed her broken arm.

Her eyes constantly darted on Sonya, who was already very much moved by her sensibility.

Now that Sonya saw how inconvenient Aubree’s movement was, her heart wrenched even more. “Don’t try to act strong in front of me.

Just let Lucian take care of you, okay? He has said yes, anyway. You don’t need to feel sorry about it.

I bet you’ll feel bored at the hospital, so I’ll visit you whenever I’m free.” Aubree was pleasantly surprised at how Sonya was doting on her.

She stole a quick glance at Lucian to check on his response. Lucian knew his mother’s temperament very well.

Regardless of what he would say, she had already made up her mind to make him stay at the hospital to care for Aubree.

Hence, he did not want to waste time arguing with Sonya and concluded the matter with what she wanted to hear.

“I’m not swamped with work these few days, so I can come over. After all, you were hurt because of my mother.

I should do my part to thank you.” Sonya was pleased with his answer. “See, Lucian has said so. So don’t make excuses anymore.”

Aubree grinned and said earnestly, “Thank you.” Despite her words, she knew better.

lthough Lucian verbally agreed to stay with me in the ward, he did emphasize that he obliged because I saved his mother.

In other words, I’ve got nothing to do with him. Does he really want to keep a distance from me so badly?

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