Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 295

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 295 – Take It Easy

Over at the Pearson residence, Aubree had been depressed ever since Lucian chased her out the other day.

In the past, Sonya would always take her side and defend her, but she did not that day because there was nothing she could do to change anything.
Aubree despaired when she recalled Sonya’s inaction.

She was not dumb. After years of waiting for Lucian, she knew in her heart that he was not keen on marrying her. Yet she had always wanted to try her
luck believing that Sonya would help her.

She had always thought that Lucian would marry her one day as long as she waited for him.

However, her hope was crushed when Roxanne returned to the country and Lucian expressed his intention to break off their engagement.

After having some time to herself to cool her head off for a day, Aubree still decided to take the chance again by paying Sonya a visit.

Sonya was not expecting her to come by that day when she saw her at the door. But after a short pause, she invited Aubree in, as she always did.

“I’m sorry I didn’t let you know in advance. I hope I’m not disturbing,” Aubree said apologetically.

Since Sonya felt bad for Aubree after Lucian wanted to nullify their engagement, and she actually liked Aubree as a person, she smiled warmly at her and replied, “Don’t worry about it. You’re almost like a daughter to me, so you can visit anytime. You don’t have to be so courteous.

Just make yourself at home.”

A rueful grin crept up on Aubree’s lips. “You know… you used to call me your ‘daughter-in-law,’ but not anymore.”

Tears welled up in Aubree’s eyes as she spoke.

She paused to wipe away the tears in her eyes as she tried to compose herself. “Mrs. Farwell, I came today to apologize to you in person. I made a
lot of mistakes when I was here, and all of you put up with them because of what my family did for Lucian.

Now that he wants nothing to do with me, I just hope things end well between us. I just want to say sorry for everything I did.

I hope you can forgive me.”

Aubree even used her puppy dog eyes on Sonya and played the victim. “I hope you understand that I did everything with the best intention for
everyone. I took myself as Lucian’s wife when I was here, so all the decisions I made were for the family.

There were times when my kindness was misunderstood, but I still want you to know that I didn’t mean any of it in a bad way. Even if we don’t end up becoming a family, I still hope you can forgive me.”

It broke Sonya’s heart to see the young lady like that.

Over the years, she had treated Aubree as her future daughter-in-law. Despite what Aubree said, Sonya was actually pretty satisfied with everything
she did.

Personally, she was also taken aback when Lucian suddenly decided to call off the engagement, so every word Aubree said to her tugged at her
heartstring when she was reminded of the time Aubree had spent with the family.

Sonya sat down beside her and held her shoulders. “Take it easy, Aubree.

Things are not set in stone yet.”

The young woman smiled helplessly. “Mrs. Farwell, I know Lucian. Since he already made it clear that he is not interested in the engagement, there is not
the slightest chance of going back. It’s okay. You can still come and visit me if you feel lonely. You’re like a mother to me.”

Sonya felt even more touched when Aubree said that. She thought for a bit and assured her again, “Don’t worry. No one knows about the breaking of the engagement yet, so there’s still room for discussion. I’ll talk to Lucian once he gets over his emotion.”

Although Aubree felt delighted that she had gotten what she came for, she still put up a pitiful look and nodded reluctantly.

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