Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 293

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 293 – Do Not Waste Time

“No! I want Ms. Jarvis!” the girl implored, staring at Roxanne with her eyes wide open before glaring at Lucian.

Judging from how intractable the girl was, Lucian was certain that she would not follow him home. So he eventually gave in and turned to Roxanne

When Roxanne met his eyes, a frown stitched on her brows for she knew what he was about to say.

“You see, Essie really likes being around you. To be honest, she is much better when she’s with you.

Her condition deteriorated because of what happened yesterday, so I was wondering if you could take care of her for a while since she wants to stay by your side,” he asked earnestly with his gaze directed at the woman on the couch.

His words lit up Estella’s eyes. When she heard that her father had relented, she gazed at Roxanne with anticipation glistering in her eyes as she waited
for her answer. But the excitement in her eyes slowly faded when she spotted the reluctance on Roxanne’s face after a few seconds of silence.

Her heart sank, yet she still looked at Roxanne importunately.

She refused to believe Roxanne would turn her down.

Roxanne looked at the girl apologetically, caressing her hair. “I’m so sorry, but I have a lot to do these few days. I have been putting aside a project my
professor assigned to me for personal reasons, so I really have to get back to the research institute tomorrow.

I’ll have to stay back to make up for the lost time, so I won’t even have time to take care of Archie and Benny…”

Roxanne did not say explicitly that she did not have time for Estella and that she had to turn the girl down, but what she said amounted to a rejection.
Estella was dejected.

Lucian frowned and looked at the girl helplessly.

“As you said, what Essie needs now is someone who can take good care of her, and that is not something I can promise. Keeping her here will only
hinder her recovery, so, Mr. Farwell, I guess you know what’s best for her,” Roxanne continued.

Although what she said was true, it was partially an excuse for her to convince Lucian to bring the girl home.

She genuinely hoped that Estella could bounce back from her sickness, and to do that, professional intervention by professional psychologists was

Lucian could not think of anything else he could say to help Estella. He pursed his lips, looking at the girl. “Well, I guess you have to say goodbye to
Ms. Jarvis, then, Essie.”

Estella could not believe what Roxanne had just said. Her teary eyes were opened wide in disbelief as she pinned her gaze on the woman and held on
to the hem of her shirt.

Roxanne quickly looked away. It pained her to see the girl in such a state.

She knew she could not bring herself to say no to the girl if she maintained eye contact.

“Ms. Jarvis…” Estella’s voice quivered, but Roxanne hardened her heart and refused to turn back.

Archie and Benny felt so wretched when they saw how desperate Estella was. “Mommy, why don’t we just let Essie stay? She looks so—”

“Aunt Madilyn will be taking care of both of you these two days, so make sure you guys behave,” Roxanne interrupted, trying to prove her point that she
would be busy.

The boys clammed up immediately.

Then, Roxanne pulled Estella’s hand away and addressed Lucian, “It’s late.

You guys should go home. You still have to go to work tomorrow.”

When Lucian heard that, he nodded lightly and got up without taking another look at Estella—he could not stand the sight of how disappointed she was.

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