Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 29

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 29 – Alfred’s condition was quite complicated. It was why the famous doctors
weren’t sure what to do. Just describing his illness alone took Colby a long while to finish.

At six in the evening, after Roxanne got off work, she went to the Queen residence alone according to the address given to her by Colby.
The person who opened the door was a middle-aged man dressed in a butler’s outfit.

He looked at Roxanne and politely asked, “Greetings. May I ask who are you?” Roxanne smiled. “Hello, I’m the doctor who’s here to treat Old Mr. Queen.
I called during the afternoon,” The butler scrutinized her suspiciously because she looked pretty young.

s someone as young as her that capable? Still, he didn’t show his doubts on his face. After two seconds, he invited, “Since you’re a doctor, please follow me inside.
” He turned and guided Roxanne in. She didn’t mind that he doubted her. One of her principles was that before she treated a patient,

she would accept any form of distrust. She followed the butler into the courtyard. The structure and decor of the courtyard looked elegant.
It clearly showed the Queen family was a family that cared a lot about appearances.

After they entered the mansion, the butler gestured for her to take a seat on the couch. “A visitor came by earlier, and Mr. Queen is accompanying
them to meet Old Mr. Queen. I’ll let them know you’ve arrived. Please wait here.” Roxanne nodded. “All right.”

She then sat on the couch. Soon after, a housekeeper served coffee to her. A few minutes passed, and she heard footsteps descending the stairs.
She put her cup down and turned to the staircase. A young couple strolled down the stairs.

At first glance, both of them looked quite familiar. The man was handsome, and the woman was beautiful. It was likely they were a pair of
siblings. As they walked, they were speaking to someone behind them. It must be the visitor the butler mentioned earlier.

Roxanne’s line of sight followed them until she could see the visitor. It was a tall, handsome man. n his embrace was a child. He was currently talking to the siblings in front of him with a relaxed expression. The man slowly turned his sight toward her, as though he noticed she was staring.

Her heart thumped uncontrollably when their eyes met. Lucian! I didn’t expect to see him here! Memories of what happened that night rushed into her mind. Roxanne’s eyes trembled as she almost couldn’t bear to look straight at him. She only calmed down after clenching her fists forcefully.

Upon taking in a deep breath, she pretended as though nothing happened and stared at the siblings. On the stairs, Lucian paused and narrowed his eyes at the woman sitting on the couch. His gaze was fixed on her face as though he was trying to confirm something.

When she looked away, his gaze darkened. It really is Roxanne! I thought she was someone else. Why is she here? He was a little puzzled, but he didn’t show it on his face. “What’s wrong, Lucian?” The man in front of him turned back to ask when he stopped moving.

Lucian looked away upon hearing that and answered emotionlessly, “It’s nothing. Let’s go.” The man in front nodded puzzledly as the trio continued to descend the stairs.

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