Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 286

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 286 – Your Attitude

Lucian brought Estella back to the Farwell residence after Roxanne left.

When they arrived, Sonya and Elias were already waiting in the living room.

Aubree was sitting beside them with a woeful expression.

Seeing them, Aubree immediately got to her feet to welcome them. “Lucian, is Essie all right?”

She then got down on her knees to check on Estella’s condition.

Estella retreated and hid behind Lucian. She grabbed the edge of Lucian’s shirt and refused to look at Aubree.

Aubree remained patient and reached out to take Estella’s hand. “Essie, I’m really sorry for upsetting you. I was just—”

Playvolume00:00/00:00TruvidfullScreen Slap! Estella slapped her hand away abruptly.

I hate this evil Ms. Pearson! She’s the reason Ms. Jarvis stays away from me!

Aubree refused to give up yet. She came closer to Estella as Sonya and Elias were watching her actions.

I can’t let Essie show them that we’re not close to each other!

She stretched her hand out again. “Essie, don’t be afraid. I just want to check on your injury.”

Without waiting for a reply, she grabbed Estella’s hand to pull her closer.

Flustered, Estella burst into noisy tears.

Everyone stared at them.

Lucian had no idea that Estella hated Aubree this much. He also didn’t know that Aubree was bold enough to come close to Estella despite knowing that
Estella hated her.

His expression turned as dark as thunder when he saw Estella crying and shaking uncontrollably. He immediately demanded, “Aren’t you going to get

Shocked, Aubree released her grasp on Estella. Displeasure rose in her heart when she realized tears were streaming down Estella’s cheeks.

However, she acted as though she felt guilty and said, “It was all my fault. I knew Essie hadn’t forgiven me, but… I was worried about her. I should’ve
considered her feelings.”

Having said that, she shot Lucian a cautious look. “I’m really sorry. I had no idea Essie hated me to this extent. It was all my fault. I should leave lest I
affect her emotions.”

Turning to Sonya, she said, “Mrs. Farwell, I’ll take my leave now. I’ll be back to visit Essie another day.”

“Lucian, what are you doing?” Sonya had seen how her son had lashed out at Aubree and how Aubree had apologized to Estella repeatedly.

She felt bad for Aubree and pulled the latter away. Patting Aubree’s hand, she said, “Stay right here. I know you mean well.”

Aubree’s lashes trembled as she came back to stand beside Sonya. She looked as though she was close to tears.

Sonya glared at Lucian. “Aubree has been blaming herself for Essie’s disappearance. She didn’t sleep the whole night and kept us company. Now
that she’s apologizing to Essie, how could you treat her this way?”

Lucian frowned as his gaze turned wintry. “She should be blaming herself.”

If Aubree hadn’t made Essie angry and had taken good care of her, Essie wouldn’t have run away and suffered badly.

Lucian’s gaze turned colder when he thought of the injuries Roxanne and Estella had sustained last night.

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