Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 276

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 276 – Pippa sent a message to the parents‘ group chat to get an update.

Yet every response she received was of no good news. Everyone knew how precious Estella was to Lucian, so they had gone all out to look for her.

Unfortunately, the bot amical garden was located near the forest, and no one was dumb enough to go there.

Lucian read everybody‘s reply, and he looked even more upset knowing that no one found Estella.

He did not get in touch with Roxanne after the two of them parted ways at the botanical garden,

so he did not know how she was doing It was getting late, and he didn‘t feel right to have her, a physically weak woman, continue searching.

Thus, he gave her a call. However, the automated responses told him that she was not in the service a rea after he made several calls.

Lucian‘s gaze became even darker. Cayden arrived with his team at that moment. “

Mr. Farwell, we‘ve sent our men to spread out in the forest and commenced the search.”

Lucian nodded and sternly informed, “Search overnight if that is what it takes to find Essie. We must hurry up.”

“Understood.” Lucian looked at his phone screen which had turned dark. He frowned and said, “I need to drop by the botanical garden.

Keep me in the loop about the s earch.” After saying that, he made his way toward the botanical garden.

It‘s late. If that woman still hasn‘t returned, then there may not be anyone around to take care of the boys. There‘s no saying how much guilt she will drown in if the boys go missing before Essie is even found.

When he reached the botanical garden, he realized that Archie and Benny w erne‘ t there.

Lucian‘s heart sank. He turned around and went back to the hotel, praying that they were waiting there.

When he saw them waiting in the room, he sighed a deep breath of relief. “Mr. Farwell, have you found Essie?” asked Benny worriedly.

Lucian shook his head. “I‘m still searching. Where is your mommy? Did she send you back?”

Benny‘s face was filled with worry. “Mommy left to go look for Essie after she sent us back.

She didn‘t even have dinner and said that Essie went missing while looking for us.”

Benny paused for a moment at that point. He stared at Lucian in puzzlement and asked, “Did Essie really go missing because of us?”

If that were the case, Benny would feel extremely guilty. Essie wanted to tag along earlier today, so why did I urge Mommy to hurry up ?

This is all my fault… Lucian‘s eyes turned cold. “It‘s not true. This has nothing to do with any of you. Be good and wait here in the room.

Don‘t open the door for anyone but Essie.” Archie and Benny nodded and watched as Lucian turned around to leave.

They didn‘t know why, but they thought he seemed angrier when he left.

As Lucian walked out of the room, he kept replaying the words Benny had said in his mind.

Roxanne said that Essie went missing on her way to her. Only Aubree would say something like this!

That woman… She made Essie angry and didn‘t keep an eye on her. That is why Essie is missing. How dare she put all the blame on Roxanne?

Judging from the look on Archie‘s and Benny‘s faces, Lucian could imagine how guilty Roxanne must have felt when she learned that Estella
had gone missing because of her.

That was the only reason she would forgo dinner and go to search for Estella instead.

The mere thought of it made Lucian feel even more unhappy.

My calls couldn‘t get through when I tried calling her earlier. That means she has likely gone into the forest to look for Essie.

Lucian had tolerated Aubree long enough. If anything happens to Roxanne or Essie, I will not forgive that woman!

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