Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 268

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 268 – “Hmph!” Benny harrumphed in displeasure.

He, too, had heard the praises that were showered on Aubree Roxanne finally returned to her senses and eyed him in puzzlement.

“What’s wrong?” Poking the food on his plate, Benny replied gloomily, “I don’t like that lady.”

Roxanne was briefly stunned by his words. “Why’s that?” Benny’s only met Aubree twice. Why would he have such prejudice against her?

The boy lifted his head and glanced at Roxanne, wanting to tell her it was because Aubree wanted to marry Lucian and that Aubree was the reason
Lucian them.

However, it occurred to him that Roxanne did not know about them finding out their identities.

Hence, he pouted and swallowed the words he wanted to say. “Because Ms. Pearson treats Essie badly. Essie doesn’t like her.”

Roxanne’s heart ached for Estella, but she could only smile and console the boys. “Oh, that’s unlikely.

Why would she treat Essie badly? She’s going to be Essie’s mom in the future. Come on now. Stop thinking too much and eat your food.”

Benny lowered his head reluctantly, complaining about Lucian in his heart.Just exactly how is Ms. Pearson better than Mommy?

Why does Daddy want to marry that woman? After lunch, Pippa invited everyone to take a walk around the area.

When Roxanne took the boys out of the cafeteria, she realized they were still feeling low. Hence, she decided to take them out for a stroll.

She suggested, “Why don’t you take me to the place you hid last night? I have no idea how you boys find that place.”

The boys finally cheered up at the mention of the hide-and-seek game.

Just as they were about to take Roxanne to the location, they heard Estella’s sweet voice. “Ms. Jarvis…”

The fact that Aubree had replaced. Roxanne’s spot during mealtime put Estella in low spirits. She had barely eaten her food.

Only when she saw Roxanne did she finally smile. Roxanne stopped in her tracks and turned at her shoulder,

only to find Lucian and Aubree standing side by side behind Estella. Seeing how great the two looked together, Roxanne immediately averted her

Archie and Benny, too, saw the couple. They put on a stern expression and tugged Roxanne’s hand. “Mommy, let’s go!”

They did not want to see the image of Lucian being with Aubree. Roxanne nodded to the boys and lowered her gaze, explaining to Estella,

“I’m taking Archie and Benny out for a walk. Be a good girl and stay with your daddy. okay?”

She bent over and patted Estella’s head before leaving with the boys. Estella stared fixedly at their backs.

eeing Roxanne had no intentions of turning around, Estella turned to Lucian and tugged his sleeve.

Frowning, Lucian called out to Roxanne, “Ms. Jarvis, if you don’t mind, can we join you?”

Roxanne halted in her tracks and turned around to give Lucian a distant look. “I don’t mind taking a walk with you and Ms. Pearson, your fiancée.

I just don’t want to be the third wheel. So please, don’t put me in a tight spot.”

Without giving Lucian the chance to speak, Roxanne took the boys’ hands and marched away.

Lucian’s expression became grim as he watched Roxanne leave with Archie and Benny.

Fiancée? Third wheel? That woman really knows how to get on my nerves. Estella never expected Roxanne to leave her behind.

And with Aubree standing beside her, her lips quivered, and her eyes reddened. She looked as if she could burst into tears in the next second.

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