Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 265

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 265 – They had finished planting the second sapling at the time.

As Roxanne got up to hand him the third sapling, a commotion broke out not too far away.

“Ms. Pearson? What are you doing here?” Pippa exclaimed in shock when she saw Aubree at the entrance.

Aubree was wearing a fancy red dress and a pair of expensive sunglasses that complemented her wavy hair.

She walked up to Pippa before taking her sunglasses off and scanning the crowd.

“Lucian said the kindergarten has organized a parent-child activity today.

I’m worried about Essie, so I came rushing over as quickly as I could. Where are they?”

Pippa pointed in Roxanne’s direction and replied, “Over there with Archie and Benny.

Essie likes them so much that she doesn’t want to be separated from them, not even for this actives.
The look in Aubree’s eyes turned cold when she heard that. She then thanked Pippa and quickly made her way toward Roxanne.

All the other parents were wearing sports attire to help their kids plant the saplings, so Aubree’s bright red dress drew a lot of attention
as she walked past them.

Those who recognized her shifted their gaze toward Roxanne and prepared themselves for a good show.

Roxanne’s expression grew stiff when she saw Aubree storming toward them.

She knew Aubree wouldn’t give up so easily, especially after hearing what she said on the phone last night.

However, she didn’t expect her to show up like that. “There you are, Lucian!” Aubree greeted him coquettishly while standing next to them.

She then shifted her gaze toward Roxanne as she continued, “Hello there, Ms. Jarvis! Long time no see!”

The awkward tension between them was so intense that everyone watching could feel it.

Roxanne nodded. “Yeah, long time no see.” “What are you doing here?” Lucian asked with a slight hint of displeasure in his tone.

Using Sonya as an excuse, Aubree said in the most matter-of-fact tone possible, “Mrs. Farwell told me you brought Essie here to attend an event.

She said she was worried that Essie would feel uncomfortable with so many people around, and it’d be inconvenient for a guy like you to look after Essie,
so she sent me here to take a look.”

Lucian’s frown deepened when he heard her mention Sonya.

Had it not been for my mother insisting that I marry Aubree, I would’ve called off this marriage long ago!

Oblivious to his anger, Aubree bent over to look at Estella, who was playing with Archie and Benny at the time.

“Come here, Essie! Give me a hug!” she said with her arms outstretched.

To her surprise, Estella pouted and moved behind the two boys in response.

I don’t like this evil woman at all! I still remember how she hit me! There’s no way I’d let her hug me!

The look in Aubree’s eyes turned gloomy when she saw Estella pulling away from her, but she maintained a friendly smile on her face as she said

“Are you still mad at me for what happened last time, Essie? I’m sorry for losing my patience.

Will you please forgive me?” Estella pursed her lips and shook her head without saying anything.

You little b*tch! I’d have taught your ungrateful as a lesson if we weren’t in front of all these people right now!

Aubree thought to herself after getting rejected a second time.

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