Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 257

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 257 – Roxanne thought of leaving right after dinner,

yet the three children froze in their tracks when they stepped out of the restaurant, utterly transfixed by the view outside.

She followed their line of sight. The restaurant was located in a botanical garden atop a mountain.

Naturally, there were fewer manmade structures and artificial lighting around.

Thus, the primary source of illumination came from the full moon. Filtered through the shade of the trees, the moonlight appeared soft and hazy,

lending an attractive glow to the plants in the botanical garden. Many adults strolled through the beautiful garden with their children.

Benny tugged on Roxanne’s hand and pleaded, “Let’s walk through the garden too, Mommy!” Roxanne rarely had the chance for a leisurely stroll.

The lovely scenery was simply irresistible, and she said to Lucian, “I’m taking the kids forawalk in the garden.

Why don’t you bring Essie home first, Mr. Farwell?” After that, she tried to let go of Estella‘s hand and have the girl follow Lucian home.

las, the young girl refused to let go of Roxanne’s hand. Roxanne had no choice but to bring her along for the stroll.

They wandered to a deserted part of the garden. Benny grew excited as he surveyed the tall trees around him and suggested,

“Mommy, let’s play hide- and-seek!” Roxanne smiled and agreed. “All right, but don’t run too far away. It’s not safe.”

The children nodded obediently. Roxanne planned to search for the boys with Estella, yet the young girl seemed eager to hide.

No one had ever played hide-and-seek with Estella before, and her gaze turned expectant as the boys suggested the game.

In the end, Roxanne reminded Archie and Benny to take care of Estella before she closed her eyes and allowed the children to hide.

“Are you ready? I’m going to look for you!” Roxanne shouted after giving them some seconds to hide.

The words had barely left her mouth when Estel la’s childish voice drifted out from behind a tree.

“Ready!” Roxanne could not help but laugh.

Although Estella’s reply had given away the children’s hiding spot, Roxanne pretended not to know their where about sand put on a good show of looking for them.

Suddenly, a woman’s voice rang out beside Roxanne. “You must be Archie’s mother, yes?”

Roxanne lifted her gaze and saw a lavishly dressed woman before her. The woman held a young girl’s hand and shot Roxanne a sly smile.

Sensing her visitor was less than kind, Roxanne concealed the wariness that swelled in her chest before asking, “I am.

You are?” The woman shot her a disdainful glare before replying, “My identity doesn’t matter.

‘m here to remind you of something, Ms. Jarvis. I hope you don’t take my advice lightly.” Her words brought a frown to Roxanne’s face.

The woman continued, “Essie has always been the apple of Mr.Farwell’s eye.

Mr. Farwell only holds you in higher regard because her daughter is close to you and your sons.

This is an honor for your family.” Her tone turned icy as she got to the point. “Ms. Jarvis, I hope you’re mindful of your situation.

Don’t assume you have a chance of developing a relationship with Mr. Farwell because of your children’s friendship.

Mr. Farwell only interacts with you for the sake of his child. Don’t have any ideas about weaseling your way into the Farwell family.”

Roxanne’s head pounded inadvertently at the woman’ swords. t knew running into Lucian here was catnip for unsavory comments.

I just didn’t think it would come so soon. “You must be mistaken about the situation…” Roxanne tried to explain.

Alas, the woman cut her off disgustedly and retorted, “Mistaken? Everyone knows how much time you’re spending with Mr. Farwell these days.

Know your place, Ms. Jarvis! Mr. Farwell’s fiancée is Ms. Pearson, and their relationship is stronger than ever.

I hope you don’t humiliate yourself in this hopeless scheme to win Mr.

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