Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 231

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 231 – The car slowly came to a stop in front of the hotel in no time.

It was then thatRoxanne finally spoke. “Thank you. Just drop me off here.” She then gave Lucian a nod and got out of the car.

The moment her feet touched the ground, she stumbled forward and almost tripped.

The alcohol had kicked in since earlier, and it was quite warm in the car. Despite trying her best to stay attentive, she still couldn’t help but feel drowsy.

hus, her legs went weak like jelly when she stepped on the ground. Just when she was about to fall forward, she felt a strong arm wrap around her waist and pull her back into the car..

Lucian only let go of her once she sat back in the seat and regained her balance. It took Roxanne a few seconds to figure out what had just happened.

Their interaction just now was a bit too intimate, and she just couldn’t bring herself to thank him. “I’ll walk you to your room.”

Before Roxanne could react, he had already opened the door, gotten out of the car, and moved to her side.

He stared at her, waiting for her to get out. After a short moment of hesitation, Roxanne got out cautiously.

Learning from her experience earlier, she took extra care in stepping out of the car and finding her ground.

As Lucian watched her walk ahead, he retracted his slightly outstretched arm and strode after her. When they reached her room

Roxanne stopped in her tracks and looked at him. “I can go in by myself. Thank you for your help today,

Mr. Farwell. I’ll treat you to coffee next time.” Without waiting for Lucian’s reply, she opened the door and walked inside.

Yet before she could close the door, Lucian had forced himself into the room. Roxanne paused and looked at him coldly. “

Mr. Farwell, don’t you think it’s inappropriate for you to follow me into my room? If you don’t leave, I’ll have to call security.”

Lucian furrowed his brows. “I’m not planning to do anything. You can rest assured.” Seeing how pale she looked, he just couldn’t feel at ease.

Roxanne could only stand there as he walked into the bedroom and lifted the phone on the nightstand. “Hello?

Please bring some hangover medicine,” Lucian told the receptionist through the phone. In no time, a knock came from the door.

Roxanne and Lucian didn’t close the door when they entered earlier, so when Roxanne craned her neck and looked at the door,

she saw a hotel staff standing outside with the hangover medicine and a glass of warm water.

Lucian walked over and took the medicine and water before thanking the hotel staff. Approaching Roxanne, he said, ’ Take the medicine, and I’ll leave.”
Roxanne didn’t know what to do with him. She could only comply and accept the hangover medicine.

The next moment, he passed the glass of water to her. Anyone who saw the scene would never think that he was the almighty Mr. Farwell of Horington Roxanne gulped down the water and looked up at him.

“Can you leave now?” Lucian frowned again, but he said nothing further and left the room.

After closing the door, he told Cayden, “Check me in here. I want the room beside this one.”

Cayden was taken aback, but he soon realized what was going on when he remembered who was staying inside the room.

He immediately agreed and hurried down to the reception. Inside the room, Roxanne still felt dizzy after taking the hangover medicine.

She washed up quickly and went to bed. Perhaps it was because of the alcohol, but her mind started to wander after she lay down.

She recalled the events from six years agohow she used to do everything she could to make Lucian happy and pay more attention to her, only to
see her efforts go in vain.

She also thought back to the times he treated her thoughtfully after they met again. Those memories stirred up mixed emotions within her.

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