Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 229

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 229 – Roxanne lowered her gaze, recomposed herself, and suppressed her anger from earlier.

When she looked up at him again, she gave him an indifferent look. “I don’t know what I can offer to compensate you.

I remember seeing a café that looks great when I walked around the area this afternoon. Mr. Farwell, what do you say if I buy you a cup of coffee?”

“I’m okay with that.” hen he slowly let go of her wrist. When he loosened his grip around her wrist, his fingers mindlessly grazed the soft skin on her wrist.

ucian’s eyes darkened a little at the accidental touch, and when he let go of her, he subconsciously clenched his fist.

The café Roxanne mentioned was located in the same building as the hotel, and it was the same café she saw by chance when they returned to the hotel
after getting lost earlier in the afternoon.

She did not invite Lucian to the café because it was unique from other eateries in the area, but because the café was the only location she could
think of at that moment.

They walked into the café together. Soon, a waitress came up to them. “Do you have a reservation?” Roxanne shook her head and glanced around. It was dinnertime and the peak time for couples to date around in cafés.

Thus, the place was almost packed when they arrived. Fortunately, the café occupied a large area but did not set up too many tables inside, giving the customers enough space and privacy from other tables and not to the extent of feeling uncomfortable.

Right then, Roxanne spotted some customers leaving a table near the window, so she walked in that direction.

The waitress quickly followed behind. Her eyes lit up as she watched them walk ahead of her The café was considered high-end in Bellridge, and the customers were mainly the rich and celebrities.

The waitress had seen many customers while working in this café. However, it was her first time seeing a couple like Roxanne and Lucian with striking
looks and a unique presence.

After following them to the table near the window, the waitress had someone clear the table first before giving them a menu. Then, she recommended
enthusiastically, “We have the latest couple set menu that is quite the crowd’s favorite. Would you like to have that?”

Hearing that, Roxanne and Lucian were startled. Lucian looked at Roxanne, who was sitting across from him, expectantly.

He noticed that Roxanne had stopped flipping the menu for a brief moment. She looked at the waitress before smiling faintly.

“No, thanks. We’re not a couple.” . After saying that, she lowered her head again and browsed the menu.

In the end, she only ordered what she wanted and handed the menu to Lucian. “Mr. Farwell, order whatever you want.

There’s no need to be polite with me. I can still afford to buy you a cup of coffee.”

Lucian was still upset that she denied they were a couple to the waitress, so he did not respond to what she told him.

Instead, he said to the waitress, “I’ ll have the same.” The waitress nodded in response and walked away with the menu.

She stood in the corner while sneaking glances at them sitting by the window. Although she denied being a couple with him, I must say their looks
and vibes match each other so well!

They‘re like the perfect match! Later, when she sent drinks to their table, the waitress looked calm on the surface, but she was losing her mind on the inside. They look even better up close!

Roxanne’s makeup was light enough to enhance her delicate features. She looked so beautiful that the waitress thought she was a celebrity at first.

Lucian, on the other hand, had sharp features and a tall build, and he exuded the aura of an authoritative CEO. The waitress could not help but picture
them as a perfect match made in heaven.

Of course, Roxanne was unaware of what the waitress was thinking about her and Lucian.

She felt slightly unwell as the alcohol had finally started kicking in. Her reactions to alcohol always came slower than others.

However, since she had asked Lucian out for a cup of coffee, she felt it was inappropriate for her to leave with the excuse of her feeling unwell.

That would only give Lucian another reason to mock her. With this in mind, Roxanne suppressed the discomfort inside her and took a sip of her coffee,

trying to cancel out the feeling of being drunk.

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