Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 219

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 219 – A faint scowl appeared on Lucian‘s face. Just when he wanted to speak, the
sound of a ringtone interrupted the awkward atmosphere between them.

Roxanne averted her gaze apathetically and took out her phone from her bag. When she glanced at the caller ID, she saw that it was Larry calling.
At that, she secretly sighed with relief. Larry‘s phone call came to my rescue!

After nodding toward Lucian, Roxanne picked up the phone and walked to her car. This time, Lucian did not try to stop her.
Walking past Lucian, Roxanne could feel herself easing up.

Meanwhile, Lucian recalled the caller ID on Roxanne‘s phone while staring at her retreating figure.

If I remember correctly, that man even had a meal privately with Roxanne. They seemed to have had a good time, too.
Hmm, I didn’t expect them to be so close.

At that realization, Lucian‘s expression abruptly darkened. “Larry, is something the matter?” After Roxanne picked up the phone,

they exchanged pleasantries until she got into the car. Then, she took the initiative to ask about Larry‘s reason for calling.

At the other end of the line, Larry replied with a chortle, “Why are you acting so distant toward me?

Can‘t I call you even if there‘s nothing much?” Without Lucian by her side, Roxanne had loosened up quite a bit.

Smilingly, she answered, “Of course, you can. However, I‘m sure most people wouldn‘t call this early in the morning just to chat.”

It was not like Larry did not know about her schedule. After all, Roxanne would usually be sending the kids off to kindergarten or on the way to work at that
hour. Thus, there was no way Larry would suddenly call without reason.

Upon hearing that, Larry stopped the small talk and changed the topic. “I called to arrange a time to meet as I have something to give you.

What time are you free? Is this afternoon okay?” After pondering for a moment, Roxanne answered, “I’m fine to meet up during lunch hour.

Are you alright to meet near my research institute?” Larry promptly agreed.

After hanging up the call, Roxanne was confused about what Larry had said during the call. I wonder what he wants to give me.

He‘s acting so secretive too. It was afternoon when Roxanne wrapped up her work and walked out of the research facility.

When she saw the GPS location sent by Larry, she saw he had picked a Canaan restaurant near her research institute.

After packing up her things, she quickly headed over. By the time she arrived, Larry was already there waiting for her.

Roxanne sat at the seat opposite of him. “My apologies. You must have been waiting for a long time.”
Larry smiled nonchalantly.

“I‘m used to it. Anyway, you must be famished from working the entire morning, so I‘ve already ordered for you. I hope the
food suits your tastes.” After saying that, he signaled the waiter to serve the dishes.

After the dishes were served, the duo chatted while eating. “You mentioned you wanted to give me something during the call.

What is it?” As Roxanne was hungry, she i mmediately dug into her food as soon as it was served.

Only after listening to Larry talking for some time did she look up and ask.

Larry took out an invitation card with a grin. “There‘s a medical conference in Baldridge that many experts from the medical field will show up.

I thought you might be interested, so I asked them for another invitation.”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne‘s eyes lit up. After all, if even Larry regarded the m as experts, the people attending must be at least on the same par as her p
rofessor, Harvey Lambert.

As such, she would beg to have an opportunity to discuss medical knowledge with them.

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