Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2086

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2086 – extra 5

Just like that, ten years had flown by in the blink of an eye. Three figures could be seen riding their bicycles on the road of Chanaea’s best educational institute, chatting and laughing at the same time.

Two of them were twin brothers. They had chiseled faces, sharp eyebrows, and eyes that sparkled like the stars in the night sky.

The girl, on the other hand, had exquisite features and exuded an elegant aura. She looked like a fairy who did not belong to the real world.

Their names—Archie, Benny, and Estella—were simple names, yet they were constantly brought up by parents in the country.

Three of them were the youngest students in the educational institute. Their appearances constantly attracted everyone’s attention in the area.

Discussions would even erupt around them. Not only were they praised for being good-looking, but they were also praised for their titles.

At that point, Archie was known as the country’s best ancient Chanaean researcher. In fact, he was equipped with the ability to mentor students.

Meanwhile, Benny had become the national security department’s special adviser. However, that identity was a secret. Only a few people knew about it.

To the public, he was a famous archeologist. Estella’s identity was even more impressive, for she had many titles in the fashion industry.

A few years ago, she successfully held her fashion show in Pillere. After that, her clothing brand was released globally.

Since then, many A-list celebrities fought to have her design their outfits at a high price. As they talked and laughed among themselves, they responded to the other students’ greetings with a smile.

When they were arriving at the institute entrance, they quickened their pace at the sight of their family’s car. Roxanne, too, spotted the trio.

She brought Seward and Noreen out of the car so they could wave at their older siblings. “Archie, Benny, Essie, we’re here!”

Coincidentally, it was Seward’s and Noreen’s ten-year-old birthday. They had come to pick up their older siblings for the celebration.

A blissful smile formed on Roxanne’s lips. The five children were her most precious treasure in life.

Her face did not seem to have changed much over time. Rather, she looked more graceful and beautiful.

Even her figure was the same as how it was ten years ago. It made everyone around her jealous, including Madilyn.

Sitting in the driver’s seat was Lucian. He slowly opened the door to reveal his gentle and mature gaze that was no longer hostile.

Archie, Benny, and Estella parked their bicycles and quickly walked over to the car. While Lucian reached Roxanne’s side, he subconsciously reached out to take her hand affectionately. Sensing that, Roxanne looked up and stared at him with the same gaze.

Seward and Noreen sprinted to their older siblings. Archie and Benny were almost Lucian’s height, while Estella’s looks resembled Roxanne’s when she was

The car was a customized seven-seater. It fit all seven of them perfectly. Throughout the drive, the car was filled with joyous chatter.

“Daddy, Mommy, I have a big secret to tell you. You know how Archie and Benny have many admirers, right?

Recently, I realized they’re interested in the same girl.” Estella suddenly revealed a piece of exciting news, which invoked warning looks from her older brothers.

“Oh? Is that so? What’s she like? I want to know what kind of girl can make both Archie and Benny fall for her.” Roxanne simply cast the boys a calm gaze.

Lucian, too, glanced over with curiosity written all over his face. Immediately, Archie’s and Benny’s faces flushed red.

“N-No. Don’t listen to Essie spout nonsense. We just admire her, that’s all,” Archie explained frantically. At the same time, Benny quickly recollected himself and smiled, looking just like a younger version of Lucian.

“I like her. She’s quite outstanding. I’ve told Archie about it, and we’re competing fairly.” Hearing that, Lucian and Roxanne exchanged happy glances.

“It’s fine. Pursue her if you like her,” said Lucian with a nod. “When can you introduce her to me?” A memory from twenty years ago suddenly came back to Roxanne. My history with Lucian started in school as well…

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