Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2084

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2084 – Extra 3

No one would believe that Roxanne managed to maintain her perfect curvy figure even after giving birth to five children.

No matter what she wore, she looked like a lady in her early twenties. In fact, she was once mistaken for an undergraduate.

Of course, she looked like that mostly because of her diet control and persistent workouts.

Taking care of Seward and Noreen this time was a piece of cake. In just six months, the two babies had become fair and chubby.

They were absolutely adorable. Seward was the only one among the other children who resembled Lucian the most.

He had beautiful double eyelids and bright eyes, like a miniature version of Lucian.

Sonya expressed her amazement every day, saying she was seeing the younger version of her son again.

Meanwhile, Noreen’s features were comparable to Estella’s. They fit the beauty standards perfectly. And when she smiled, she looked like an angel.

The three older children were busy taking care of their siblings every day. They taught the babies how to say “daddy” and “mommy,” crawl, and eat with their hands.

Envious of Roxanne, Madilyn would always stop by the manor and play with the children. She badly wanted to take a few of them away to spend some alone time with them.

One day, Madilyn and Jonathan arrived at the manor together with two sets of cute baby outfits she had washed personally.

Upon seeing Seward and Noreen, Madilyn quickly lifted them up and planted kisses on them. She could not wait to help them get changed into the new outfit.

Jonathan warned, “Calm down. Let’s turn up the heater first.” Madilyn nodded in response. It was then Roxanne slowly descended the stairs.

Since she was used to seeing them in the manor, she simply greeted, “You’re here!” “Roxanne, come look! I bought two sets of clothes and shoes for your babies.”

Smiling, Roxanne went over to have a look. Sure enough, they were perfectly suitable for the babies. She praised her best friend for having great taste.

“You don’t behave like a mother. Shouldn’t you be worried about things like this?” Madilyn rolled her eyes.

Roxanne simply put on a teasing grin while turning to look at Jonathan. He quickly reminded Madilyn, “Have you forgotten?

Estella owns a kid’s clothing brand. Ever since Sewardand Noreen was born, Snuggly has been releasing many new products for them.

”Madilyn could only sigh inwardly. To her, the industry chain of wealthy families was terrifying, so much so that they did not have to worry about anything.

After getting the two babies changed, Madilyn quickly took some pictures before chatting with Roxanne.

“It’s true. I dreamt of a goddess last night. How I wish I can get pregnant with one,” Madilyn complained, blaming her womb for not doing a good job.

She did not have a major family business to inherit. In fact, she really loved children. Roxanne took Madilyn’s arm and examined her pulse.

A few seconds later, Roxanne’s eyes lit up with joy. “Looks like the goddess has given you what you wanted! Congratulations! You’re pregnant!”

“Stop joking around. How can there be such a coincidence?” Madilyn simply thought her best friend was just teasing her.

However, Roxanne turned to Jonathan and nodded seriously. Delight instantly spread over Jonathan’s face. “Really? You’re pregnant?

That means I’m going to be a father soon!” His gaze was filled with surprise, but the way he looked at Madilyn overflowed with tenderness.

Stunned, Madilyn asked again, “Are you sure?” Roxanne nodded firmly. “You’re really pregnant. I’m not teasing you.

It’s my turn to take care of you this time.”

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