Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 202

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 202 – Seeing that it was almost the end of the day at the kindergarten, it was only then that Lucian gathered his thoughts and drove toward the kindergarten.

Based on Estella‘s habit, he thought that he might even see Roxanne at the kindergarten, When he reached the kindergarten, he realized that he wasn‘t
that late. However, Roxanne came earlier than him, and Archie and Benny had already left as well.

Estella had the habit of waiting with Archie and Benny for Lucian to fetch her. But now, she was all alone, holding onto Pippa‘s hand timidly.
“You‘re here, Mr. Farwell.” As Pippa knew Estella‘s situation, she was very cautious when dealing with Estella.

Seeing that Lucian finally came, Pippa heaved a sigh of relief inwardly. Lucian nodded and took Estella over from Pippa. After they got into the car, Estella was still in low spirits. Lucian frowned and couldn‘t help but ask, “Why Ere you alone today? ”Estella knew what he was trying to ask.

She lowered her gaze, and there was a hint of grievance in her soft voice as she said, “Ms. Jarvis came to pick Archie and Benny up.” When he heard that,
Lucian‘s gaze darkened slightly. Although Roxanne wanted to distance herself from him, he knew that she always had a soft spot for Estella.

When Estella saw Roxanne, there would be no way that she would let the latter leave so easily as well. Since the situation was out of the norm that day, the only reason for it would be that Roxanne saw the news. So is she avoiding me because she saw the news?

Thinking of that, Lucian felt an inexplicable sense of displeasure deep down. Throughout the entire journey, the atmosphere in the car was
depressing:Once they reached home, they saw that there was someone sitting in the living room.

At that, Lucian couldn‘t help but furrow his brows slightly. “Mom, what are you doing here?” After Sonya left the café in the afternoon,
she initially wanted to find Lucian for a chat at his office.

But after giving it some thought, she decided not to interrupt him at work and headed to the manor to wait for him to come back.
She waited for an entire afternoon but never had she expected that he would have such an attitude the moment he stepped in.

Sonya, who was initially displeased, became even more upset. “What‘s wrong? Do you mean that I can‘t come over? Do you wish that I
don‘t ever come here again so that you can hide things from us and marry Roxanne?”

Upon hearing that, Lucian‘s expression turned dark, and he instructed Catalina, “Bring Essie upstairs.” Noticing the tension building up between the
two, Catalina didn‘t dare to waste a single second and hurriedly brought Estella upstairs.

However, Estella slowly trudged up the stairs. Just now, I think I heard Grandma mention Ms. Jarvis. Is Daddy going to marry Ms. Jarvis? But the
news clearly said that Daddy was getting married to Ms. Pearson…

Estella was slightly puzzled, but she felt that if Lucian was going to marry Roxanne, it would be a dream come true. Meanwhile, Lucian remained
expressionless as he sat down on the single couch opposite Sonya.

“What‘s with the news today? Aren‘t you going to explain it to me?” Sonya questioned him coldly as she suppressed her anger. As soon as she said
that, she saw Lucian looking up and meeting her gaze coldly.

Their eyes met, and Sonya felt an oppressive aura surrounding her, causing her to restrain her rage. There was a hint of mockery in Lucian‘s voice as he
refuted, “Did you not give me an explanation as to why the news of my marriage with Aubree got out as well?

Besides, you didn‘t even ask for my opinion.”He had always known that Sonya wanted him to be with Aubree. However, never would he expect that she would resort to such harsh means.After the news of i got out, Lucian knew that he could no longer remain silent.

Sonya felt a lump in her throat, and her expression changed. Although she felt rather guilty deep down, she sell replied stubbly, “It has
already been so many years since your marriage contract with Aubree. The two of you were going to be together sooner or later.

I‘m just announcing it for you ahead of ume. Besides, you humiliated Aubree at Old Mr. Queen‘s birthday celebration
previously, and we ought to make it up to her.“

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