Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 198

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 198 – On the contrary the employees outside were convinced by that news report and gossiped about Aubree.“

Previously, it was rumored that Mr. Farwell had been dragging his feet on fulfilling the marriage contract because he was unwilling to marry Ms. Pearson. Unexpectedly, he‘s such an attentive person in secret.”“Mr. Farwell is so handsome and attentive! I, too, want such a boyfriend!”

And so, similar sentiments rang out, one after another. When Aubree heard all that, her expression changed time and again. Her fingernails almost punctured her palms before she managed to suppress the blazing wrath within her.

“Don‘t talk about irrelevant things during working hours. Go about your work seriously!” After saying that, she swept a chilly gaze over the employees who were whispering among themselves earlier. Then, she spun on her heel and strode away without a backward glance.

Truly, she couldn‘t bring herself to stay there anymore. The more they talked about it, the greater her fury. Having left the office, she sped home directly.
In the Pearson residence, Gina and Samuel sat in the living room.

Both of them were stunned when they suddenly caught sight of their daughter stalking in huffily. “What‘s wrong, Aubree? Who offended you at the office that,”Samuel thought it was a work issue and was about to give his daughter some advice when Aubree cut him off coldly.

“Work schemer! All you talk about is work! If you‘re so eager to have the company do well, shouldn‘t you be enthusiastic about marrying me into the Farwell family? But why do you have no idea about Lucian‘s movements?” At her remark, Gina and Samuel‘s hearts sank.

Frowning, Gina questioned, “It‘s about Lucian? Didn‘t Sonya already circulate the news of you both getting married? What more is there to worry about?” No sooner had she said that than Aubree stalked over to them on her high heels and tossed her phone onto the couch. “

See for yourselves!”At that, the couple exchanged a look before picking up the phone in puzzlement. The instant they saw the content on the screen, both their faces darkened.They usually watched financial news reports and rarely paid attention to entertainment news.

Therefore, it was the first time they saw the news of Lucian taking care of his fiancée last night. Naturally, they knew that their daughter was at home the whole of last night. Besides, they could also tell that the silhouette in the photo wasn‘t of her at all.“

Who was the woman in the photo?” Gina asked with a frown. Auhree‘s chest heaved violently. She swept an icy gaze over the phone screen without saying a single word.Receiving no response after a long time, Gina pressed, “Who was that woman? Was it that won with the last name Jarvis?”

Other than Roxanne, she couldn‘t think of anyone else. At the mention of Roxanne, Aubree replied through gritted teeth, “It was that b*tch all right!” Never mind that she embarrassed me during the banquet back then, but my impending marriage with Lucian is already public knowledge now,

yet she‘s still clinging on to him shamelessly! Fortunately, the photos taken by the media are blurry, and not many can tell that it wasn‘t me.
Otherwise, I‘d be a laughingstock again!

At that thought, her face flushed bright red with fury. Her hands hanging by her sides balled into fists, her nails embedding into her palms.
Although Gina had long since harbored that guess, her expression still turned as dark as night when she heard that confirmation from her daughter.

She thought that the marriage between the two families would be a guaranteed thing after news of Lucian and Aubree‘s impending marriage leaked out. Never had she thought that things would still be variable. I never knew that Lucian and that woman are so close!“

Don‘t panic. Since everyone is saying that it was you, we‘ll just feign ignorance,” Gina ordered, lifting her eyes after a long moment.
Aubree naturally wouldn‘t take the initiative to humiliate herself, so she agreed with a frosty expression.

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