Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 193

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 193 – “How are you feeling, Mommy? Are you still down with a fever?” Archie and Benny ran to the bed at once, unable to hide their worry from their faces.Roxanne chuckled as she shook her head. “No. I feel much better now.”

The two boys were not convinced. They stretched out their hands, wanting to check her forehead for themselves. Seeing so, Roxanne bent down and let them touch her forehead. Then, she caught sight of the small figure standing behind Archie and Benny. 

With tears in her eyes, the little girl was biting her lip, concern written all over her face. She was rather timid when compared to the two boys. Roxanne‘s heart melted when she saw that. She smiled at Estella and asked, “Essie, do you want to confirm if I‘m okay?

”Estella stiffened for a second before nodding her head vigorously. The next moment, she let go of Lysa‘s hand and zoomed toward Roxanne. The woman had her body bent over as she grabbed Estella‘s outstretched hand and put it on her forehead.

Shortly after, Estella retracted her hand before finally breaking out into a smile.“ You were all scared, weren‘t you?
I‘m sorry for making all of you worried about me.”

Roxanne patted each of them lovingly as she recalled their panic–stricken faces upon seeing how she was rushed to the hospital yesterday. Benny nodded his head vigorously. “Archie and I will be obedient boys from now on. Mommy, please don‘t overwork yourself, okay?”

With a sullen expression, Archie said nothing. Yet, one could tell that he concurred with his brother on this matter.

Roxanne chuckled before replying, “Sure, I‘ll take good care of myself.”Lysa placed a thermal lunch box on the bedside table and said, “Have you had breakfast? I brought some for you both.

Hurry up and eat it while it‘s still hot.” Then, she proceeded to take out two bowls to serve them soup and some side dishes. In response, Roxanne nodded. “Thank you so much.”

Seeing that Lysa had already prepared the food for him, Lucian could not bring himself to decline her kind gesture even though he had no appetite to eat. Simultaneously, the two of them reached for the bowls, which had been placed side by side.

Their fingers then accidentally brushed against each other. Roxanne froze, and she subconsciously looked up at the man, who was coincidentally gazing in her direction too. Her heart thumped rapidly as they locked eyes with each other.

Instantly, she snapped back to her senses and quickly repressed her feelings. She then picked up her bowl as though nothing had happened.“Mr. Farwell, thanks for spending a night here to take care of Ms. Jarvis.” Lysa broke the silence.“ I‘m happy to do that,” Lucian said with a nod.

He took a quick glance at Roxanne before adding, “After all, Essie loves her so much, and she has been so wonderful to her. I should do what I can to return the favor to Ms. Jarvis.“He tried to justify his actions again, stating that he only did it for Estella.

Roxanne had heard similar words just last night, so she did not show any reaction when he spoke this time. Conversely, Lysa was taken aback .Their interaction with each other last night suggested positive progress.

I thought that…Suspecting that she had interpreted the situation wrongly, Lysa responded wryly, “Oh, I see…”When Archie learned that Lucian had stayed by Roxanne‘s side the entire night, he pursed his lips, turned around to look at the man, and inclined his head.

“Thank you, Mr. Farwell, for taking care of my mommy,” he uttered in a rather formal manner. He shared the same thoughts as his mother. Since this guy has disappointed Mommy, we should keep our distance from him. However, he did help Mommy a lot this time, so I must thank him in principle.

Benny followed suit and gave the man a courteous bob of his head. Lucian‘s forehead creased in response to the boys‘ distant attitude.
He simply nodded to acknowledge them.

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