Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1866

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1866 – Respecting Each Other Roxanne, who was planning to spend time with her children on the next day, which was a weekend, had to rush to the research institute after receiving a call from Peregrine.

As it turned out, one of the researchers had passed out after working overtime continuously. Moreover, they had stopped breathing, which meant that it was likely they had an inflammation of the heart muscle, resulting in the sudden collapse.

The people at the institute were administering first aid to the researcher, and they had also called for an ambulance.

However, Roxanne was closer to the research institute and would be able to reach the establishmentquicker than the hospital staff.

Once she arrived, she hastily administered emergency treatment for the collapsed researcher. Even though she managed to get the heart pumping again, the researcher remained unconscious with no signs of waking.

Worried that long-term health effects might take place, Roxanne immediately took out her needles to administer acupuncture to the researcher.

She managed to wake them before the ambulance arrived to bring them to the hospital. When Roxanne realized the researcher was one of Peregrine’s team members, she reminded, “Old Mr.

Lomax, didn’t I tell you that you have to keep a close eye on their working hours and make sure they don’t work overtime too often?

This includes you. Don’t overwork yourself. Our products are now earning profits, so our situation isn’t that dire anymore.”

Peregrine quickly apologized, “I was too focused on the research and made them overwork themselves too much.

You’re right; I’m the one to bear this responsibility. I’ll take note of this.” Roxanne nodded. She knew that Peregrine could understand the severity of sudden myocarditis.

Then, she added, “Let the researcher rest for a while, but we’re going to give them their salary as usual.

Their medical bills will also be reimbursed by the research institute. By the way, we’re going to be holding a performance recognition event in a few days.

We’ll be splitting all profits of the cosmeceutical company.” Peregrine blinked in surprise. Evidently, he was not expecting Roxanne to split all the profits.

They did not rake in much profit in the first phase, but they sold two hundred thousand sets of products in the second phase.

“Are we not going to deduct the investment cost first?” he queried. “No, I started this company to treat them better. We’ll be able to deduct the investment costs in the future, anyway,” Roxanne easily answered.

She then asked Linda, who was heading to the hospital, to take good care of the researcher. Not long after, Elektra came to the research institute to look for Roxanne.

A touch of anger was on her face as she said, “Roxanne, I heard that you are planning to split all of the profits. Did you even ask me about this first?”

Indignation was dripping from her words. Indeed, Roxanne had decided on that without consulting Elektra, but she did not feel guilty about it at all.

“Elektra, I know you’re going to mention the investment cost, but I have to do this. I need to make the researchers feel secure about this company to ensure that we can develop even better products in the future.”

Elektra understood that too, but she still felt ill at ease about Roxanne’s decision. “I understand, but you still should’ve come to talk to me about this first.”

She was worried that she would lose her authoritative power if this went on. Although Roxanne was the major shareholder, she felt that the two of them should be showing respect to each other still.

With a small smile, Roxanne told her, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get the time to do that this time, but I’ll definitely do it the next time.”

The truth was, Roxanne had consulted Lucian about it. Lucian told her that investors of the past tended to get the bulk of the profits once the profits started coming in. It was not right.

For the rich, a good investment project was everything, while money was not something they were short of. Anyone could invest.

The notion of “capital risk” was mostly a rhetorical one. If a project failed, many investors would have ways to shift the risk onto others.

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