Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1860

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1860 – Success All heart surgeries that involved opening up the patient’s back were extremely risky.

As for an aorta surgery where they had to remove such a tiny tumor, the surgeons present had to first reflect if they had the mental strength and precise skills required for the surgery.

When Roxanne arrived at the operating room and told them about the plan, everyone’s faces were grim. “Dr. Jarvis, is this really possible?

In cases like this, we would usually suggest that the patient stick with conservative treatment.” “That’s right. This is too difficult.

What if something bad happens? Dr. Jarvis, it’s Dr. Xander’s mother we’re talking about here. The pressure you’re feeling must be immense.

Please consider this carefully!” “It won’t be too difficult if we’re only going to provide support. However, it’s worth noting that not a lot of doctors in our country are able to perform such a surgery.”

Roxanne remained unaffected while the doctors discussed among themselves. The fiery look in her eyes gradually calmed down as she found peace within herself.

A clear mind and absolute concentration were essential to the surgery. Instead of refuting the doctors’ doubts, she reassured them with a soft smile, “Don’t worry, everyone.

Don’t forget that I’m Dr. Jarvis, who’s also proficient in ancient medicine!” With that, she extended her palm to show them her needle before quickly keeping it again.

Right then, she looked just like a medical expert. Roxanne was not putting on an act. She just wanted to loosen the doctors up so they could avoid making
any mistakes during the surgery.

“Bring the patient in for the surgery,” she said to the nurse on duty. “Everyone, it’s time to prepare for the surgery. Don’t think of anything else.

Just focus on doing well!” Following that order from Roxanne, the operating room began bustling with activity.

All lights were turned on, and the doctors changed into their scrubs. Before entering the operating room, Roxanne took one last glance at the end of the corridor. Madilyn did not come. Roxanne figured she was genuinely scared to face the reality.

The surgery began. Time ticked by, and soon, two hours had passed. Finally unable to take it, Madilyn dashed out of the director’s office.

Her sudden action caught Lucian off guard, but he swiftly caught up to her. When they got to the operating room, Lucian stood in Madilyn’s way.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Farwell. I won’t act so irrationally. I just want to stay closer while I wait for the good news from Roxanne. My mom will be fine, right?”

Madilyn asked. Not knowing what to say, Lucian nodded and watched her sit down on the chair.

Madilyn clasped her hands together and began mumbling a prayer. One could only imagine how anxious and powerless she felt as the daughter of the woman lying on the operating table.

Lucian could vaguely hear the commotion coming from the operating room. Chaos had broken out inside. “Her blood vessels ruptured!

We can’t stop the bleeding!” “What do we do, Dr. Jarvis?” “Pass me the hemostat! She’s bleeding too much. This is going to cause an infection!”

Roxanne’s forehead was beaded with sweat even though her assistant had just wiped it for her moments ago.

While everyone else in the operating room was in a state of panic, she kept her composure and hurriedly put the hemostat in place.

At the same time, she picked up her needle. Twenty minutes later, the doctors stared at Roxanne with their jaws dropped.

She had stopped the bleeding and removed the tumor, and she was now repairing the blood vessels. As more blood started to flow into Lorraine’s heart, it began beating faster and stronger.

Under the mask, Roxanne’s lips curled up slightly. It was only then that she felt exhaustion taking over her body.

After cleaning up the blood, she asked the other doctors to finish up the final stitches. The surgery was a success.

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