Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1858

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1858 – Most Disgusting Man In This World Roxanne studied it for a little longer. Just then, Lucian called her.

She walked out of the office and filled him in on the situation. “Mdm. Xander is in a critical state right now, so I might have to stay here tonight.

I need to identify the problem as soon as possible and find a solution so I can save her,” said Roxanne seriously.

“Okay. Let me know right away if you need anything. Don’t worry about the kids. I’ll take good care of them. You should take care of yourself.”

No matter what, Lucian would always give Roxanne his firm support. His words filled Roxanne with a sense of warmth, and she entered the office again with newfound vigor.

Madilyn had stopped looking at the papers. She was staring at a picture of her and Lorraine in her phone, her expression blank.

Before Roxanne could say anything, tears began to fall again from Madilyn’s eyes. “Roxanne, I’m so useless. I can’t find any way to save my mom.

I’m terrible!” As Madilyn blamed herself woefully, tears continued to stream down her cheeks. Soon, she began sobbing.

Unable to think of any better words of comfort, Roxanne hugged Madilyn tightly with misty eyes. “Roxanne, my mom has suffered so much.

That sc*mbag abandoned the two of us and neglected us for more than twenty years. Aside from giving us money, he never visited us.

I don’t get why my mom is still foolishly waiting for him. There’s no way he’ll change his mind! He’s the most disgusting man in this world.”

In her sorrow, Madilyn began to talk about her family. Madilyn grew up in a single-parent family. When Lorraine was younger, she had fallen in love with the heir of an influential family, and that man had promised to marry her.

However, he was later put at a disadvantage in a fight with his brothers for inheritance, so he entered a marriage of convenience with the daughter of a prominent family to solidify his position.

“My mom was already pregnant with me at that time. She couldn’t bear to abort me, so she bore all the responsibilities and gave birth to me.

All these years, she won’t even let me visit her for fear that that family would target me. In order to protect me, she always told me to stay away from her.

That’s why I’m in Horington most of the time and rarely go home. Roxanne, my mom has gone through so much, so when I saw you finally getting together with Lucian, I was really emotional. Sadly, my mom isn’t as fortunate as you.”

When Roxanne heard her best friend reveal this long-time secret, mixed emotions flooded her, and her face crumpled.

Madilyn’s weeping slowly came to a stop as she opened up to Roxanne. Picking up a tissue, Roxanne wiped away Madilyn’s tears.

She recomposed herself and put on a firm expression. “Madilyn, don’t forget who we are. Now is not the time to be sad. We still have chances.

Trust me!” Madilyn lifted her head at those words and nodded heavily. “Contact all the surgeons of the hospital right now and tell them to come in for overtime.

Also, I need another CT scan of Mdm. Xander, but make her lie on her stomach this time. I need to find out more about that mark on the back of her heart.

This could be our chance!” With those instructions from Roxanne, Madilyn got to work immediately. Roxanne also began her preparations.

She called Lucian and asked him to find Cerulean Needle Technique from the study and have Cayden bring it to the hospital as soon as possible.

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