Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 184

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 184 – “If it’s fine with you, I can free up some time tomorrow and drop by the
hospital to examine the patient,” suggested Roxanne after she thought about her work schedule for the next few days.

Larry came back around and quickly nodded. “Okay, then I’ll be counting on you. If you ever need anything in the future, please feel free to let me know.”
Roxanne grinned. “It’s fine. You’ve helped me a lot while we were living overseas. Besides, it is our duty as doctors to help the sick.

Since you believe that I can do this, there’s no reason for me to back down.” The two of them chatted a little longer before they settled on a time for
Roxanne to visit her patient.

On the following afternoon, Roxanne finished up her work at the research institute and went to meet up with Larry right away at the entrance of the
hospital. “I spoke to the rest of my family, so I will be the only one staying overnight here.

You don’t need to feel pressured at all,” said Larry. He then led her to the hospital room. Lying on the sickbed was an elderly man whose hair had been shaved. He was still unconscious at the time. He had gotten ill suddenly, so the color on his face hadn’t faded yet.

That was why he looked as though he was an ordinary elderly man who was simply sleeping. “Are you Janet?” asked the medical experts in the room, who were in charge of treating the elderly man. Larry had shared Roxanne’s alias with the others before he even dropped by.

Those medical experts had long heard about the renowned Janet, and they were surprised to see such a young woman standing behind Larry. Most of
them even wondered if there was something wrong with their eyes. Roxanne nodded slightly, then turned her attention to the patient.

“Sorry, but now’s not the time to exchange pleasantries. Please tell me more about the patient’s condition. Also, please allow me to perform a few examinations.” The medical experts turned to Larry to get his approval when they saw how professionally she acted.

Larry nodded in response. With his approval, the medical experts quickly helped Roxanne. They showed her the patient’s medical report and helped her perform some examinations. They worked for hours before Roxanne finally had the full picture of her patient’s condition.

She couldn’t help feeling disheartened by what she had learned Unfortunately, she had to admit that the patient’s case was tough, even for
someone as skilled as herself. “What do you think? Can you help him?” asked Larry in a concerned tone.

Roxanne’s expression turned grim. “I need some time to figure this out. He can hold out for two more days, and I will use that time to hold a conference
to discuss his condition.” Larry trusted her, so he nodded and agreed to let her work her magic.

Roxanne ended up spending most of her time at the hospital over the next two days. She discussed the matter with a few domestic experts who were renowned in that field. After that, she came up with a new medical proposal, but even then, the chances of success were only forty percent.

On the day of the surgery, Roxanne dropped her kids off at the kindergarten early in the morning. She hurried to the hospital immediately after to confirm the surgical procedure with the other experts. The preparation for the surgery was done following that.

The surgery would begin at one o’clock in the afternoon, and if everything went smoothly, the entire process would take about five or six hours. That
would give her just enough time to go pick up her kids. Roxanne’s confidence caused her to dismiss the idea of asking Lysa to pick up the kids.

Soon, it was one o’clock, and the surgery began officially. Roxanne and the other medical experts worked diligently as they operated
on the patient. Everyone was going all out to make this case one of the forty percent of cases that ended in success.

Unfortunately, their patient truly was too old, and an unexpected complication arose during the surgery.
The medical experts had never dealt with anything like that before, so they panicked for a minute there.

Roxanne was worried as well, but she forced herself to calm down and continued operating on her patient.

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