Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 182

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 182 – The silence lasted for a while, but eventually, Lucian broke it. “As you wish.”
Roxanne nodded and walked up the stairs to get Estella. All three kids were hanging out in Archie and Benny’s room at the time.

Everyone was upset, and the atmosphere in the room was grim. Archie and Benny were playing with their respective robot toys, whereas
Estella had buried her head into her plush toy’s tummy. All three were immersed in their own worlds.

When they heard the door opening, all three of them unanimously shifted their attention toward the door. Roxanne softened her stance when she looked into their eyes. However, she later thought about the man waiting downstairs and became resolute again.

She said calmly, “Essie, your dad is here to pick you up.” All three kids were stunned to hear that.
Estella, in particular, bulged her eyes that were shining with confusion while she hugged her plush toy, not moving a muscle.

Roxanne looked down as she repeated stiffly, “Your dad is waiting downstairs, so hurry along now.” After saying all that, she moved to the side and waited quietly by the door. “Ms. Jarvis…” murmured Estella. Her voice suggested that she was a little scared and extremely reluctant to leave.

Roxanne forced herself to look away from the kid’s face. She did not dare to say a word because she worried that she would ask the kid to stay the
second her lips parted. It took some time before the kid finally made her way to the door.

oxanne couldn’t help stroking her hair, then held her hand as they walked down the stairs together. Lucian had already gotten up from the couch by then, and he had one hand in his pocket as he stood in the middle of the living room.

It seemed like he was ready to take Estella away as soon as she showed up. Roxanne held Estella’s hand until they were off the last step. After that, she
spoke in a sweet voice, “Go on, then.” Having said that, she let go of Estella’s hand.

Stella stared at her father, then at the beautiful lady beside her. The kid’s eyes shone with dissatisfaction and reluctance. She only took two steps
forward before she suddenly turned back around and hugged Roxanne’s leg tightly, refusing to let go.

Roxanne’s heart melted and turned into a messy mush as she reached out her hand. At first, she wanted to stroke Estella’s head to offer her some
comfort, but her hand stopped midair before it reached for Estella’s hands and gently pried them away from her leg.

“Be good and go home with your dad. I will be very busy in the coming days, and you know that.” As if she sensed something amiss about the situation, Estella used her tiny hands to grab Roxanne’s skirt and shook her head fervently. “No! No going home!”

Lucian frowned a little when he heard what the kid said. At the same time, his eyes gleamed with surprise and a hint of bitterness.
She needs her mother so badly, but that woman has no intention of taking care of her…

Roxanne shifted her gaze to the man standing right there and prayed that he would say something. However, Lucian merely stood there with a stoic expression. He stared at the two of them but seemed to have no intention of helping at all.

Roxanne retracted her gaze when she saw that, following which, she crouched down to look at Estella’s cute face.
Tears filled up Estella’s eyes as she pouted aggrievedly and looked at Roxanne longingly. “I want to stay with you!”

Roxanne’s gaze softened upon hearing that. At the end of the day, she couldn’t bear to see the kid crying, so she patiently cooed, “Be good, Essie.
I know you like me. I enjoy spending time with you too, but I have been really busy and tired lately.

If you wish to help me, then be good and go home with your dad, okay?” “I want to stay with Ms. Jarvis…” murmured Estella stubbornly as she bit her
lip. There’s no saying if I can see Ms. Jarvis again if I go home with Daddy now…

When Roxanne looked into Estella’s eyes, she realized what the kid was thinking, and for a minute there, Roxanne didn’t know what to say.
She remained quiet for a few minutes before she smiled and said sweetly, “I will always be here, and you can drop by anytime you want, okay?

However, Estella didn’t quite buy those words. Meanwhile, Lucian misread the situation and thought that Roxanne only said
those words to chase Estella away. Hence, he sternly reminded, “Estella Farwell, have you forgotten that this is not your home?”

Estella slowly lowered her head before turning around and walking to her father right away.

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