Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1800

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1800 – Too Impatient When Lucian heard her straightforward reply, he pondered deeply.

Worried she might be angry, he explained, “I don’t think there’s a need for it, but my mom’s exceptionally stubborn.

You can choose not to do the test if you find it offensive.” While he was saying that, he looked like a frightened child who had made a mistake.

Roxanne could not help but smile, for it amused her. “It’s nothing. I just need to collect things like hair and run a test.

It doesn’t harm the kids, so there’s no reason for me to object. Besides, if I object, I’ll only be perceived as feeling guilty.”

It was not the time to be concerned about her dignity. Letting Archie and Benny return to the Farwell family was not a simple matter of reuniting with their father.

It also meant that they had the right to be the heir of the Farwell family. Although Roxanne had zero interest in money, she was determined to fight for her children’s rights.

The Farwell family was a huge family. Showing them proof with a paternity test was the best way to silence their doubts.

After agreeing to Lucian’s request, Roxanne went downstairs and eyed the two kids for some time. Coincidentally, their hair had gotten long.

Roxanne instructed the butler to call in a hairdresser to give the kids’ hair a trim. She also instructed the butler to keep some of the hair for the paternity test.

Not long after, the boys each placed some of their hair into a transparent container and labeled them clearly before giving them to Roxanne.

The boys looked refreshed after the haircut. Hence, Estella wanted a haircut too. In fact, she wanted the same one as the boys.

It took a lot of complimenting from the hairdresser to convince Estella that there was no need for it.

When Roxanne handed the containers to Lucian, he observed her reaction cautiously. Sure enough, she was not mad.

Hence, he plucked some of his hair and stored them in a separate container. “Ah… I’m getting old. These hairs came off the moment I pulled them.

Do you think I’ll become bald in the future?” asked Lucian, sounding worried. Roxanne chuckled in amusement.

She grabbed his hair and tugged at it gently. Finally, she assured him, “You should be fine. You have hair falling and growing naturally.

If you’re really worried, I can take two strands of hair and get them tested at the lab to find out if there’s any problem.”

Her serious expression made Lucian realize she was not joking. Thus, he nodded and plucked out two strands of hair for her.

Roxanne carefully wrapped them up in a piece of tissue to get them tested at the research institute.

It did not take long for the hair samples to be delivered to the Farwell main residence by Cayden. In fact, Sonya never expected Lucian to get things done so quickly after agreeing to her request.

She quickly contacted a medical testing company bought over by Farwell Group to get someone to run paternity tests on the hair.

Meanwhile, Elias smoked a couple of cigarettes without saying anything the entire time. “You’re just too impatient.

Even if you didn’t bring it up, Lucian would definitely do it. You’re only making him upset by doing this,” remarked Elias.

However, Sonya struggled to contain her anger. “The paternity test is going to be done sooner or later. So what if I become the evil mother-in-law?

Roxanne doesn’t even see me as an elder, anyway. She’s already moved in with Lucian, but she never paid us a visit here.

Clearly, she doesn’t respect us,” responded Sonya angrily. Sighing, Elias said, “She’s only been here for a few days. She might not be sure.

Besides, we were the ones who wronged her back then.”

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