Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 180

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 180 – Roxanne would always switch on the TV in the morning so she could listen to the news during breakfast with the kids. “The news of the marriage of convenience between Farwell Group and Pearson Group has lasted six years.

Recently, they’ve finally agreed to set a date for the engagement,” the male newscaster reported. Roxanne’s hand paused midair. She fell silent for a few moments before resuming her action nonchalantly. Archie and Benny promptly lost their appetite as their smiles crumbled.

When they were overseas, they were curious and excited to find out who their daddy was. After coming back to Chanaea, they were upset to learn that he had a daughter. They despised him for abandoning Roxanne.

However, after spending some time with him, they realized he wasn’t as bad as they assumed. On the contrary, he was a caring man.
Despite not knowing they were his sons, he treated them patiently and would give them gifts.

They were about to accept him when the news of his marriage was announced. Thus, their impression of him hit rock bottom once again. Daddy’s a bad guy! He treats us nicely but is planning on marrying another woman. He should’ve stayed away from us!

tella’s gaze dimmed when she heard the news. I don’t like Ms. Pearson. She’s an evil woman. I want Ms. Jarvis to be my mommy. Daddy promised that he won’t allow Ms. Pearson to be my mommy. Why did he break his promise? Does he not love me anymore? Estella was crestfallen.

Sensing the change in her emotions, Roxanne frowned and asked, “What’s wrong, Essie?” Estella pouted unhappily. “Sad.” For the past few days, Estella learned how to utter simple words to express her feelings following Roxanne and the boys’ efforts.

Roxanne’s confusion heightened. “Why are you sad? Can you tell me about it?” Estella hung her head low and toyed with her fingers ruefully. I want Ms. Jarvis to be my mommy, but I don’t think she likes Daddy. Daddy’sa bad guy. How could he marry the bad lady?

The three kids sulked unhappily throughout breakfast. Roxanne was exasperated when she realized they were sulking.
After breakfast, instead of playing Legos together on the carpet, the kids trudged upstairs together.

Roxanne knew they were upset after learning the news, but she couldn’t figure out why. Besides, her thoughts were also a tangled mess. She wasn’t in the mood to guess their thoughts. Six years later, Lucian is getting engaged to Aubree. His wish is finally coming true.

She was lost in her thoughts when the doorbell rang. Roxanne snapped out of her reverie and went to open the door.
The sight of the visitor gave her a huge shock. It took her a few seconds to regain her composure. “Why are you here?”

The person mentioned in the news was standing at her door. He was dressed in a thin shirt, and his hair was slightly messy.
After their previous fight, she knew Lucian would often come to visit. However, he was tactful enough to not show himself before her.

his was the first time they met in person after the fight. After hearing the news earlier, Roxanne had no idea how she should face him.

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