Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1792

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1792 – Vicious Child Estella waved for the boys to come over and join her as she interacted with the baby dolphin.

When Archie and Benny came closer, the baby dolphin also inched nearer so they could touch its head. Seeing that, Lucian and Roxanne shared a smile.

The keeper was no longer worried. He directed the adult dolphins to go back to the pool and reunite with the other dolphins.

The plump man and his son were overlooked. Feeling embarrassed, he held his son’s hand and prepared to leave.

However, his son was still staring at the baby dolphin in a hostile manner. “Daddy, that’s just an animal. Why do so many people like it?”

the boy spat angrily. The man inclined his head. Indeed, as the saying went, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

He grasped his son’s hand and began to lead him to the stairs so they could return to their seats. Suddenly, the boy released his hand and ran toward Estella.

Once he arrived behind Estella, he gave the little girl a firm push. Estella was completely taken off-guard. As a result, she tumbled unceremoniously into the pool.

Beside her, Archie and Benny gaped in disbelief. Upon regaining their composure, they roared, “Bstard! You bstard!”

They both leaped toward the overweight boy, sending him crashing to the unforgiving hard surface below.

Lucian and Roxanne didn’t expect this to happen. “Essie!” Roxanne screamed in fear. She leaped into the pool right after Estella landed in the water.

Lucian came to his senses mere moments later. He saw his wife and daughter in the pool, and without a second thought, he jumped in after them.

This incident was even more unexpected than the baby dolphin’s near collision earlier. The audience erupted into gasps, and many got to their feet.

“Hurry, save them! The pool is pretty deep, and the little girl must be in danger!” “Keepers, save them!” “My goodness! What a vicious boy.

How could he push someone into the pool?” Some people left their seats and ran down the stairs.

In the pool, Estella sputtered and coughed, swallowing two mouthfuls of water. She soon felt her mother’s arms around her.

Roxanne couldn’t swim as her arms were around Estella. Even so, her mind was focused solely on keeping the little girl safe.

She was in desperate peril, rapidly sinking beneath the surface, but despite her own danger, she managed to lift Estella out of the water.

Estella inhaled deeply, only to be met with an immediate fit of coughing. Roxanne’s body continued sinking.

She felt a burning sensation as the air in her lungs was rapidly exhausted. Her mind was starting to buzz when Lucian’s figure appeared beside her.

He flung his arms around her and pulled her upward. Finally, the keepers jumped into the pool and took Estella from Roxanne.

“Ma’am, please release your hands. We’ll bring her to shore safely.” The voice talking to her came from above the surface, and Roxanne couldn’t hear it clearly.

However, she could feel Estella being lifted from her palms. Lucian was still tugging her upward, so she could finally swim after her hands were freed.

It felt to Roxanne as though an eternity had gone by, but in reality, only four seconds had elapsed before her head emerged from the depths of the water.

As she gasped for air, she nervously glanced at the shore. The sight of Estella being pulled ashore by many helpful visitors ma de her relax.

Suddenly, she felt something moving behind her. Turning around, she glanced around anxiously. “Where is Lucian? Where is he?” she demanded.

Right then, Lucian’s handsome face emerged in front of her. He extended his arms and embraced her tightly, fearful that she would slip back beneath the water’s surface without the strength to resurface.

At the same time, he darted a look to the shore. When he saw that Estella had been saved, the anxiety in his heart faded away.

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