Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1742

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1742 – Generally Fine “What should we do now, Mr. Damaris?”

Kevin, well aware that this was Lucian’s means of revenge, was already gripped by fear. Jack’s temper flared up at that.

After giving Kevin an earful, he barked, “Contact Old Mr. Damaris. As the heart of the Damaris family, he might be able to exercise damage control.”

Kevin grunted in acknowledgment. Jack added, “Also, transfer all of the company funds right away. We have to save as much of it as we can!”

He had a hunch that Lucian wasn’t going to just stop there. “Understood!” With that, Kevin turned to leave.

However, the more Jack thought about it, the more troubled he was. “Forget it. I’ll go back with you!”

After hurrying the nurse to bandage his wounds, he got to his feet to leave. All of a sudden, he felt a sudden bout of weakness in his body.

He failed to exert any strength, and his legs became wobbly. The very next second, Jack collapsed onto the ground, his consciousness fading away.

“Mr. Damaris! Are you all right?” The commotion caused Kevin to turn around and hurry to Jack’s side.

When he saw the unconscious Jack, a hesitant glint flashed across his eyes. Lucian will never let Damaris Group go.

If I continue to stick with them, I will be dragged down. In that instant, Kevin was filled with the urge to flee.

On second thought, he figured that he would always be a member of Damaris Group in Lucian’s eyes. Even if he left, Lucian might not necessarily forgive him.

Upon realizing the fact, Kevin turned around and called out to the nurse, “Take him to the emergency room. Quick!”

Shocked by what she had witnessed, the nurse was brought back to her senses by Kevin’s instruction. She called for a stretcher and rushed Jack to the emergency room.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was elated to learn that Damaris Group’s warehouses had been seized. “That b*stard, Jack, must be filled with regret by now!”

Standing beside Jonathan in the corridor, Lucian pretended not to have heard the comment. All he did was stare solemnly at Roxanne.

Roxanne was already sitting up and looked visibly better. Nonetheless, he could clearly see that she was still weak.

Madilyn and Linda were caring for her, while the children—having stopped crying—were all smiles as they chatted with Roxanne.

The atmosphere in the ward brimmed with warmth. Upon learning of Roxanne’s recovery, the specialists came over to examine her and ran into the two at the entrance. They slowed down and greeted Lucian warily.

Lucian nodded in response. “Don’t let her know that I’m outside.” The specialists agreed before proceeding into the ward.

The sight of Roxanne being truly awake filled them with shock. They examined her while still being filled with disbelief.

Once they were done, the look they gave her transformed into one of admiration. “How is it?” Roxanne couldn’t resist asking when she saw the strange look on their faces.

Having been brought back to their senses, they explained, “Your body is generally fine. The hardened blood vessels earlier have also improved.

All you need is some rest, and you’ll be back to your usual self.” The children cheered at that news. Roxanne stroked their heads with a smile

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