Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1735

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1735 – He Still Dares To Hit Me Seeing that Lucian was getting closer to him, Jack was enraged.

He warned, “Let me warn you. Only I can make the antidote. If you dare to do anything rash, don’t ever come to me for any antidotes in the future!”

The instant he finished talking, Lucian was already standing right in front of him. Lucian punched him in his abdomen.

Jack groaned and doubled over in pain. His hands instinctively held his tummy, and he began to sweat profusely. “W-What are you trying to do?”

asked Jack in shock when Lucian struck him without saying a single word. Before Jack could finish talking, another punch landed on his face.

He could taste blood in his mouth instantly. Before Jack could react, Lucian’s punches rained down on all of his vital body parts.

Jack was in so much pain that he could not retaliate. He could only put up with the beatings. “Mr. Farwell! What are you doing?

Stop!” Kevin cried out in a hurry and wanted to stop Lucian from beating his boss. However, the moment he took one step, the two bodyguards held onto his shoulders and stopped him from going forward.

Just as he struggled to break free, he heard the sound of things falling to the ground. He turned and saw that Jack fell onto the table after getting kicked by Lucian. As a result, the things on the table fell to the ground.

There was even a distinct shoeprint on Jack’s chest! Kevin took one look at Jack and Lucian before he stopped struggling.

Jack might be terrifying when he got provoked. Unfortunately, Lucian was so much worse, and it caused a chill to run down Kevin’s spine!

Jack spat out the blood in his mouth before laughing out loud in anger. There was a crazed look in his eyes. “How dare you hit me!

Are you planning not to save Roxanne? I think your feelings for her are only as such! If that’s the case, she’s better off dead!”

Jack began coughing and laughing crazily. He looked like someone who had lost his mind.

He had thought that the mention of Roxanne would spark some reactions from Lucian, but all he could hear was his own laughter in the office.

Jack’s heart sank, and he stopped laughing. He then struggled to look at Lucian. There was only indifference on his face and coldness in his eyes.

Lucian was not at all affected by what he had said. It was as though he was entertaining himself.

Jack was pissed off when he realized that. He ignored his pain and Lucian’s cold expression and struggled to get the antidote out of the drawer.

“You want this, don’t you?” He looked at Lucian manically before releasing his fingers. The glass bottle fell right to the ground and smashed into pieces.

The liquid within also flowed all over the floor. Jack felt good that he was able to vent his anger. “I can only develop one bottle of antidote each time.

Now that this bottle is gone, Roxanne will die for sure! Hahahaha!” The very next second, another punch landed on his stomach again.

Jack shot up from the table because of the pain. The next second, he fell back on the table again. Instead of being bothered by his physical pain, Jack was taken aback. How is it possible? After hearing what I have to say, Lucian still dares to hit me!.

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