Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1733

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1733 – Lucian Has To Come Jack lowered his gaze to look at the view outside the window before saying casually, “Damaris Group. I’m in my office.”

“All right. I’ll head over now. Please prepare the antidote, Mr. Damaris,” Lucian answered unhesitatingly. Right when Lucian was about to hang up the phone, Jack said, “

Oh! I forgot to mention that Ms. Jarvis doesn’t have much time left. If you want to make it here in time, you must arrive within twenty minutes.”

Lucian was already on the move, and he was walking when he said, “I’ll make it in time.”

Even if Jack had only given him ten minutes, Lucian would still find a way to get there on time. A frigid look flashed across Jack’s eyes when he heard Lucian agreeing to it so willingly.

He added, “By the way, the elevators in my company broke down a couple of days ago. You’ll have to take the stairs later, Mr. Farwell. Remember that you must be here within twenty minutes!”

Lucian’s expression turned solemn when he heard that. However, he wasted no time in agreeing, “Do you still have other requests, Mr. Damaris?

If that’s all, I’ll be on my way.” “I guess I shouldn’t hold you up any longer. I’ll wait for you on the top floor,” Jack said smugly.

With that, he hung up the phone. While overlooking Horington, Jack imagined how disheveled Lucian would look as he climbed the stairs.

He suddenly laughed out loud and said, “How dare you trick me, Lucian! I’m going to show you what it feels like to get toyed with! I’ll make you endure your humiliation in silence like a lowly being.”

Kevin grew anxious when he saw Jack behaving like a maniac. Right then, Jack turned around and asked in displeasure, “Why are you not laughing?

Kevin trembled and looked around guiltily, not knowing how to react. I can’t bring myself to laugh…

“The almighty CEO of Farwell Group is now a clown who’s getting walked all over by me! He has to do whatever I say! He knows I’m toying with him, but he doesn’t have the balls to reject me! How is that not funny?”

Jack looked like an utter madman. “Laugh! When Lucian gets here later, I want you to put on a haughty look!”

Kevin knew Jack was demanding him to do so, so he had no choice but to squeeze out a smile. Jack only went back to his desk satisfyingly after seeing his assistant smile. Having gained the upper hand,

Jack played with the bottle of improved antidote in his hand and waited for Lucian to arrive. In front of him was a screen showing the surveillance camera directed at the main entrance of Damaris Group.

“Twenty minutes, Lucian. You better not be late.” Jack glanced at the time at the bottom corner of the screen before shifting his gaze back to the center of the screen and staring at it. If Lucian is late by a minute, I’ll get to torture him again! Now, he’s completely at my mercy!

Time ticked by, and over ten minutes had passed in the blink of an eye. Yet, Lucian still hadn’t appeared on the screen.

Seeing that Lucian had yet to show up, Jack became flustered once again. Why is Lucian not here yet? Is he even coming? Judging by his tone when he was on the phone with me just now, it’s safe to assume that Roxanne’s life is in danger.

Besides, they can’t possibly have the antidote! Lucian has to come! With that thought in his mind, Jack forced himself to stay calm and waited for Lucian to appear on the screen.

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