Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1728

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1728 – Hang On For A While Lucian went silent for a few seconds and glanced at Benny and Estella before massaging his temple.

I’m indeed panicking. I wonder how Roxanne is doing now. “Luckily, you’re here.” With Benny and Estella in his arms, Lucian stood up and thanked Jonathan once again.

However, his tone was not as courteous as before. “I’m losing my composure, but thanks to your reminder, I’ve managed to calm myself down again.”

Jonathan heaved a sigh of relief. “I’ve never seen you so anxious before. Don’t worry. Roxanne is surely going to be fine.”

Having grown up with Lucian, Jonathan knew Lucian had only ever been cold and composed. If I didn’t know him well enough to notice the slightest hints of emotion in his gaze, I would’ve thought he was an emotionless robot. I’ve never seen him show so much emotion.

Jonathan glanced at the kids in Lucian’s arms and thought about Roxanne, who was lying on the hospital bed.

Oh! Maybe love can really soften one’s heart. “Look after them for a while. I need to make a phone call.” Lucian passed the kids to Jonathan.

Jonathan looked at those adorable kids and carefully carried them in his arms. How should I hold them?

If I hold them too tightly, I might wake them up. If I don’t hold them tight enough, however, I might drop them! Feeling helpless, Jonathan ended up squatting down slowly.

After that, he shot Lucian a wary look and asked, “Who are you calling? You’re calling Jack, are you? Roxanne won’t like it if she finds out about it!”

Jonathan had heard their conversation through the phone just now, so he knew the consequences would be severe if Lucian were to look for Jack.

Lucian shook his head in a placid manner. “I’m just going to call the hospital to ask about Roxanne.” Jonathan stared at Lucian dubiously for a few seconds before feeling more at ease. “Go on, then. I’ll look after the kids.”

Lucian nodded and left. The moment he arrived outside, he took out his phone and called the hospital director.

At that moment, Zayne was sitting in the ward and keeping a close eye on Roxanne. He was startled, and he almost dropped his phone when he received Lucian’s call. Upon regaining his composure a few seconds later, he picked up the call. “Yes, Mr. Farwell?”

Although he knew Roxanne was unconscious, he still spoke softly as though he was afraid of waking her up.

“How’s Roxanne?” Lucian asked in a deep voice. Zayne grew nervous when he looked at Roxanne’s furrowed brows and the readings on the instruments
next to her.

“Mrs. Farwell seems stable at the moment,” he answered. Although the readings are going up, I can tell that she is hanging on. After all, the readings ore going up at a slow pace. She should be able to hang on fora while longer.

Lucian fell silent for several seconds. Zayne stared at the screens unblinkingly, fearing that things would worsen in the next few minutes.

Right then, Lucian piped up, “All right. Continue monitoring her.” With that, he hung up the phone.

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